5 Benefits of Owning a Manual Transmission Vehicle

When the topic of transmission comes up, most people think automatic. Manual transmissions are not quite as common as their automatic counterparts, but they are still widely used.

It is true that manual transmissions have fallen out of favor in recent years due to their sluggish acceleration in stop-and-go traffic, but there are plenty of upsides to owning a car with a manual transmission.

Read on to learn about the benefits of owning a manual transmission vehicle and why you might want one over an automatic transmission.

What You Need To Know About Manual Transmission?

In a manual transmission you are the one who has to select the correct gear to drive in. In automatic transmission computer makes those decisions for you.

5 Benefits of Owning a Manual Transmission Vehicle

A manual transmission can be shifted from one gear to another anytime when you are driving. The only time you would not have manual control is when you are idling. Manual transmissions have a number of advantages over automatic transmissions.

For one thing, they are cheaper to buy than automatic transmission models. They also offer better fuel economy than automatic transmissions. However, they do require more attention and skill to drive them than automatic transmissions, so they may not be the best option for people who do not have driving experience.

1) More Control While Driving

Driving a manual transmission car can help you become a more confident and skillful driver. When the engine speed is consistent, you do not need to worry about unexpected road conditions causing the computer to shift gears.

You have more control over the speed and can shift the gears manually as needed. Manual transmissions are also cheaper to repair when they break down. This is because they only have a few moving parts, so they are not as complicated as automatic transmission models.

2) Better Fuel Economy

You may think that a manual transmission would actually hinder your fuel economy, but it actually improves it. It does this because the engine is able to run at a consistent speed. With automatic transmission computer is constantly shifting gears to find the right speed for the road conditions. In manual transmissions due to less moving parts than automatic transmissions they are less likely to break down.

3)    More Enjoyable Driving Experience

A manual transmission is more engaging than an automatic transmission. This means that driving is more enjoyable because you have to pay attention more to what you are doing. You will also have stronger control over the car while driving because you are in charge of the gears.

You can also modify manual transmission cars to your liking more easily than automatic transmission vehicles. Manual transmissions are often available in a wide variety of colors, models, and features. Automatic transmissions are usually more limited because of the technology.

4) Throttle and Gear Control

Manual transmissions require more physical input than automatic transmissions. This is because the gears are controlled manually with your fingers. This gives you better throttle control and allows you to up shift and downshift faster than an automatic transmission. You also have more control over the engine RPMs.

Benefits of Owning a Manual Transmission Vehicle

5) Manual Transmission Safety

Acceleration times with a manual transmission are also far more consistent than that of an automatic transmission. Manual transmissions are also safer than automatic transmissions in stop-and-go traffic.

The reason for this is that the engine speed is directly tied to the gear your foot is pressing on the pedal. This helps you maintain the right speed in heavy traffic an advantage the computer in an automatic transmission cannot offer.

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