Above The Knee Tattoo: Comprehensive Guide

Above the knee tattoo is a great way to experiment with your tattoo design while keeping it mostly covered. Your options for above-the-knee tattoos are limited, but that does not mean they cannot be awesome and meaningful.

Above The Knee Tattoo

Above the knee tattoo will usually be visible when wearing shorts or a skirt, so you want to be sure that your tattoo is something you love. In this blog post, we will explore some of the things you should think about before getting an above the knee tattoo, as well as some examples of great designs.

Think About Where You Will Wear Your Tattoo

If you need to wear long pants to work or you are in a profession where visible tattoos are frowned upon, you might want to choose a design that is below the knee. It is possible to get a long-term tattoo above the knee, but it is risky and recommended only for people who do not plan to have children.

You should also think about where the design will fall on your leg. A lot of people assume an above-the-knee tattoo will cover the entire leg, but you can place it above the knee and still have some skin visible below. This is especially true for people with smaller legs. Think about your options, and choose a design that will fit best on your leg.

Check the Rules at Work

Some employers frown upon visible tattoos above the knee, and many schools have strict rules about visible tattoos on students. If you are in a situation where tattoos above the knee are frowned upon, you might want to get a smaller design or get it on your lower leg.

Something like a small geometric pattern or a subtle flower design will be less noticeable. Even if your employer does not have a rule against tattoos, you should check with your coworkers to see if your choice of tattoo will offend anyone.


Tattoos with Meaning

If you want to get words in your tattoo, you can choose a few words that together express your personality or your life philosophy. You can also use a short phrase as a reminder of something you want to focus on, like a problem you are trying to solve or a goal you want to achieve.

You can even use your tattoo to mark important life events, such as a birthday or your graduation. You can get a small design of a family crest, a symbol representing your religious beliefs, or a meaningful date. You can also get a simple word or phrase that is important to you.

Decide On a Style

You can go for a super simple design or go for a more complex design with lots of details and beautiful patterns. If you are not sure where to start, here are a few ideas

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are timeless, beautiful designs that look great as tattoos. You can get a simple pattern like a flower or something more complex like a mandala.

Animal tattoos

Animal tattoos are a common choice for above-the-knee tattoos, and they work well on any part of your body. If you want an animal tattoo, make sure you choose one that fits your style.

Samoan tattoo art

Samoan tattoo art is a traditional tattoo style that originated in the Samoan Islands. This style features bold designs, intricate patterns, and deep colors.

The Knee Tattoo

Celtic art tattoos

Celtic art tattoos are full of vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns. These designs are often full of knots and knots, which represent the continuity of life.


Above The Knee Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before. They not only look amazing, but they can also be quite versatile. You can wear them at any time of the year and they go with just about anything. There are so many different designs out there that it is hard to choose just one. But if you are looking for a design that is classic yet unique, then you should definitely consider an Above The Knee Tattoo

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