Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot Review: Turn Up Your Power

Beetroot is a vegetable that is known for its rich red color. It is also known for its high levels of nitrates. Nitrates are beneficial for athletes because they help improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. This can lead to improved performance and endurance. Athletes have been using beetroot juice and supplements to improve their performance for many years.

There is product on the market called the beet it sport nitrate 400 shot. This Shot Contains concentrated beetroot juice and is designed to provide an instant boost of energy.

Getting Started

Beet It Sport Nitrate is a dietary supplement that promises to improve sports performance. The product comes in the form of a 400 Shot, which is meant to be consumed before physical activity. Beet It Sport Nitrate is said to increase energy levels, improve endurance, and reduce fatigue.

The shot contains beetroot juice, which is high in nitrates. Nitrates are converted into nitric oxide in the body, and this helps to improve blood flow and oxygen delivery to the muscles. The shot also contains caffeine, which can help to improve performance and endurance.

How To Consume

Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot is an interesting product because it is a pre-workout supplement that you can drink. This makes it convenient, especially if you do not like to take pills or supplements in pill form.

The Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot comes in a small bottle, and you just need to drink the entire bottle before working out. The shot is designed to provide energy and help improve your performance. It also contains antioxidants, which can help your body recover after a workout.

The Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot is available in beetroot flavor. The shot has a slightly sweet taste, but it is not too sweet. It does not contain any artificial sweeteners or flavors.


Name: Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot


Product Dimensions: 7.64 x 4.6 x 4.47 inches

Product Weight: 3.4 Pounds

Volume: 2.4 Fluid Ounces

Package Contain: Bottle

Model Number: 73836

Manufacturer: Quest Products, Inc


Price: £22

Where To Buy:

Main Ingredients

Beet It blended two of the most powerful natural performance boosters on the planet to create our Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot. Concentrated beetroot juice 98% and lemon juice 2% are combined to provide an isotonic drink that can help improve sporting performance.


  • It shown to improve muscle oxygenation, which can lead to better performance and reduced muscle damage.
  • It is made with organic beets and has no added sugar, calories, or artificial sweeteners.
  • It can help you exercise for longer periods of time without getting exhausted.
  • It allow you to generate more power during your workouts, allowing you to lift heavier weights and run faster.
  • The nitrates in this supplement help reduce fatigue, so you can perform at your best for longer.


  • The shot can be expensive, especially if you are going to be taking it regularly.
  • Some people find the taste of beet juice unpleasant.
  • There is limited research on the long-term safety of using nitrates for performance enhancement.

What Is The Truth About This?

It is important to note that the Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shot has received mostly positive reviews on other websites.

The product has been given 4.5 stars on Amazon based on 828 ratings, and a rating of 127 on These ratings are much higher than the 0 review rating it has on its official website.

This suggests that the majority of people who have tried the product have had a good experience with it. So based on these findings, it seems that Beet It Sport Nitrate 400 Shots are generally pretty well liked by consumers.

An End Result

According to some research, beetroot juice can help improve performance because it increases oxygen uptake and reduces the amount of oxygen needed by muscles during exercise. This means that you can work out for longer without feeling as tired.

Additionally, beetroot juice is high in nitrates, which help widen blood vessels and improve blood flow. This can help reduce the amount of lactic acid that is produced during exercise, leading to less muscle pain afterwards.

If you are considering using this supplement, be sure to speak with your doctor first to make sure it is safe for you.

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