Best Prayers For Boyfriend Success

my lovely man,
may your hands be blessed
May your bag never dry
May your life roll beautifully and your paths be blessed with the rain of good things.
I wish you success in life baby.

May the Lord spill his blessings on your life, flourish it beautifully to attract favor and greatness and be with you always. I wish you success in life, my dear.

My love, I pray that God broaden your vision, make you stronger every day, give you wisdom for everything you do, flood your existence and make you that great man you long for. Many successes in life Babe.

As you embark on this journey of success, may the peace of God be with you.
May you experience an unexpected favor and
That you shine so brightly.
I wish you so much success in life, my love.

All men will applaud you,
you will always be congratulated
You will always fly high and
Your life will be as sweet as honey.
I wish you much success in life baby. Go ahead.

distinct excellence
distinguished honor
extraordinary testimonials and
Daily success is what I pray for you, my dear.
May you continue to be a success in life love. Love you.

My only lover, My joy and my pride, There is nothing that can satisfy you than these prayer offerings that I send you. My wish is that your progress has no limits.
I wish you every success in sweet life. I love you.

Your success means a lot to my future. So what is my existence for if not to pray for you? You will not be left behind on the road to success, my dear. excel at. I wish you success in life love.

Every step you want to take to reach the pinnacle of success, God will support you and provide even the least you want.
I wish you success in life, my baby.

The race is not for the Swift. I pray for you, my sweet one, that this plane of success will land you safely in the harbor of goodness and continue to carry you to greater heights. Much love my baby. I wish you success in life.

I pray that Almighty God will make his business outstanding, unique, successful and shine above others. May your wealth continually increase my love. I wish you a successful business darling.

Baby! Nothing in this world would make me happier than to see you fly so high in the realms of your business.
I wish you success in your business always. Love you.

It’s new, it’s just emerging, it’s not profitable and many more are common sayings, but I’m praying for you my dear. As you have embarked on this line of business, you will receive divine help and flow with success. I wish you a successful business dear. I appreciate you.

The wisdom that grows a business is what I pray for you, the grace that sustains a business is what I pray for you, and the power that gives success will surround you beyond your imagination and make it real. I wish you success in your business darling.

You will make profits and you will be a profitable good for those around you. Your business will be called blessed. Fly high, my love. I wish you success in your business.

What you propose to do will be easy for you when you are weak, you will be strong when there is an economic drought, you will have an economic boom. Amen. I wish you success in your business Baby.

The Lord will cause others to marvel at your glory and will pave the way for you. He will make his business a point of contact to bless others. Amen. Have a successful business, dear.

Your eyes will see good days
Your mouth will speak blessed things,
Your feet will tread blessed paths of fertility and finally your success will be complete and will make you rich.

The Lord will arise and make his face shine in everything you do. May your ways be prosperous, my dear. I wish you success in your business love.

May you receive a divine connection to the right source and may your dreams come true. I wish you success in your business darling.

As you read, may God give you the spirit of remembrance and I pray that your works may be greatly favored. Amen. Good luck on your exams darling.

May all the effort you put into reading shine and receive Joy and good news in all your works. I wish you success in your exams, darling.

The Lord will be your guide, strength, inspiration and motivation. He will bless you and crown your efforts with success. Great success in your exams love.

Honey, I know how the stresses of exams turn and fear arises to kill confidence. But I pray for you that fear does not overcome you and your confidence remains. Write quietly sweet. Success in your exams.

You may not have time to read the messages, but by reading this simple sentence that I send, you will not be confused when choosing your pen to write. All your works will be perfect and you will walk gratefully and you will walk gracefully. Good luck baby. Wishing you success in your exams.

My king I pray for God’s protection in your life. I pray that the rest of your life is the best of your life, my lover.

I pray that we achieve greatness in life, I pray that the door of blessing and success opens for us.

My wishes for you are happiness and prosperity and I ask God to grant you all the desires of your heart. All the good things you ever want will come to you without stress by the grace of God. I love you.

You have been a source of happiness for me, my world and I pray to almighty God that he never takes away your happiness. I pray that joy and success never depart from your life.

When you give happiness, you receive nothing but eternal happiness from the almighty. I pray to God that your last year is greater than the previous one My King.

I pray to God to guide your steps as you leave and enter. I pray that you never experience any problems in life until the end of our time.

May God bless you generously and may your hands be blessed. Miracle God will never leave your life My Love. I pray that we experience the beauty of life together.

I pray that you stand before Kings and Queens. May the powerful and blessed personality call you blessed. Where your partner complains, that you come out strong. I love you my king.

The world will bow at your feet and wherever you go, you will see and experience the work of the mighty God in your beloved life. Whatever is giving you joy will never be the cause of sadness in your life.

May God protect you throughout the night, I commend your sleep and your awakening in the hands of the most powerful God. May you wake up in the morning with fresh breath. I love you.

As you leave today, I pray that you experience the miracle of God in everything you put your hands on. May you see favor in everything you lay your hands on today. You are blessed my king.

Everything you want will be presented to you easily, I pray that you never complain before you smile. May God make a way for you, my King. I pray for the miracle of God in your life my sweetest.

My sweetest man, the one I truly love, I pray that God’s blessing never departs from you. I pray that you experience greatness throughout your life.

I pray that whatever is attached to you does not bring you sadness. I pray that from now on and forever God will remove all obstacles from his path. I love you forever My King.

As time goes by, I pray that his blessing will update every day until he has an overflow of blessing. May you be too blessed to be depressed. I love you my world.

Morning Prayer For My Boyfriend Success

“Dear Lord, thank you for my love every day. Please help me always show him how much I care about him through my words and actions as we move forward together into the future.”

“Every day when I wake up I am reminded how precious life really is because it includes having such an amazing man like __ here with me every day. Thank you God for bringing him into my life.”

“I pray that our love continues to grow and grow stronger. I pray that no matter how far apart we are physically, we stay connected through your loving grace.”

“Dear God, please help me show __ how much he means to me today. Help us both have an amazing day filled with lots of joy!”

“Thank you Lord for giving _ to our lives! We are so grateful for all the happiness you continue to shower on us every day. Thank you for being there when it was most needed and thank you sir, always”.

“God, I ask you to bless __ on his birthday today. Let him have the best day of his life and know that his whole family adores him. I pray that you give him the health, happiness and prosperity that he desires.”

“I hope you have a wonderful day today __! Thank you Lord for giving us this blessing in our lives. We are very grateful for their friendship and love.”

“Dear Lord, we thank you for bringing _ into our lives. We are so blessed by the love he gives us every day, and we pray that you continue to shower him with blessings throughout his life. Help him stay healthy and happy, and may all his dreams come true. Guide him in the decisions he makes and always let him know how much we love him.”

“Happy birthday dear __! Thank you Lord for giving us this wonderful person to share our lives with. We pray that you bless him today and every day with good health, happiness and all the things he desires most in life. May he always know how much he loves you.” we love and cherish.”

“On your birthday, we pray that you are surrounded by all the things you love most. May your day be filled with laughter, smiles, and all the good things life has to offer. We love you _ and we are so thankful for you!”

“Dear God, I pray that you work in a powerful way today in my boyfriend’s life. He is going through a lot right now and I know that only with his help will he be able to get through it. Please comfort him, give him strength, and let him feel your love.”

“Lord, please be with him during this difficult day and help him find the courage to face whatever comes his way.”

“Please wrap your loving arms around _ and give him the comfort he needs. I am grateful for all the good times we have shared together, and I pray that we continue to grow stronger in love.”

“Thank you God for hearing my prayers for my beloved! I know you will guide us both safely through this difficult time. We will be eternally grateful for everything you do for us.”

“Dear Lord, I come to you today with a heavy heart. I know we are going through a difficult time and I feel so lost without him. Lord, I pray that You will help us get through this and that we can find our way back to each other.

Please soften his heart towards me and give me the strength to forgive him for anything he has done wrong. Above all, dear sir, keep him safe and protect him from any harm that may come his way. In your name I pray, Amen.”

“God, thank you for keeping my boyfriend safe during the day. Please let him have a peaceful sleep so that he has plenty of energy to do everything he needs to do tomorrow.”

“As we move into this new week, may our love grow and grow stronger. I pray that no matter how far apart we are physically, we stay connected through your loving grace.”

“Thank you God, please send me much comfort as I lie down tonight knowing that my loved one is in your arms where he belongs.”

“God, I thank you for blessing me with such a kind and wonderful man. I pray that you will help us always have patience with each other and grow closer to our relationship.”

“Dear Lord, please take care of our relationship as we go through life. Help us to remember what is important and to keep our love strong.”

“I pray that _ and I can overcome whatever obstacles come between us. Please, let’s stay together through thick and thin.”

“Thank you God for giving me the best gift of my life. Keep him safe and by my side forever.”

“Dear Lord, please take care of my beloved as he goes about his daily life today. Help him feel your love no matter what so that if the day is challenging for him, he knows you are by his side to keep him strong.”

“God, I pray that he gets to work and home safe and sound, and that your protection be with him.”

“I pray you keep an eye on him while he’s at work.”

“Dear God, please help my boyfriend to be happy and have a great day. I ask you to send him many blessings.”

“I pray that the Lord will watch over my boyfriend today and fill him with joy from start to finish.”

“Please let him know how much I love him and keep his heart full of happiness throughout the day.”

“God, thank you for this beautiful morning. Please bless my beloved with all good things during his day and always bring him back safely in your arms when he returns home at night. Let nothing harm or disturb you on this wonderful journey we call life together.”

“Dear Lord, thank you for bringing someone like __ into my life. This long distance thing may seem difficult at the moment, but I hope that our patience will bring us closer eventually…”

“Please let your light shine on us, Lord. Please heal our hearts during this difficult time and make it easier for us to be together.”

“God, I pray that you comfort my heart during this difficult time in my life. May we both find happiness even though we are apart.”

“Father God, thank you for blessing me with someone like _. Thank you also for giving me the strength to take care of them also from a distance! Amen.”

“Dear God, please give me strength during this difficult time. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I put all my trust in you. Help _ find peace during this difficult time too.”

“Lord, I pray that you heal both of their broken hearts. I know it’s not my time to move on, but give me the strength and courage I need during this tough season.”

“I just want you to send us love today. Help us through any pain or sadness that comes from ending a relationship because we both have so much going for us in life!

“God, help _ find happiness again after this breakup. May they too be blessed with new opportunities in their future! Amen.”

“God, I pray that this new relationship honors you and that it continues to grow strong in your light.”

“Please keep us both safe as we continue to grow closer. I pray for this new relationship every day and I hope you bless our hearts with happiness too.”

“Father, I pray that you will send me the person I am supposed to be with, and that this person will be someone who will also honor you. Help us to have a solid relationship based on trust and communication.”

Short Deep Prayer For My Boyfriend

“Thank you for blessing me with this new relationship, Lord. I pray that we can continue to get to know each other better and grow together in his love.”

“Please help guide us as we navigate through this new relationship and keep our hearts open to each other’s feelings. Amen.”

“God, please help me to love _ more each day. Give us patience and understanding as we go through life together. Help us never forget how much we mean to each other, even when the going gets tough.”

“I pray that our relationship grows stronger each day. May we always be there for each other through thick and thin, and may we never lose sight of how much we love each other.”

“Please God, send love to my boyfriend throughout his day. Make him feel special and remind him how much I love him every time he thinks of me.”

“Dear sweet Lord, please let us have loving thoughts for each other today, even though we may not see each other for a while. And help us continue to work on our relationship so it can grow stronger!”

“Dear Lord, I just want to take a minute to pray for my relationship with my boyfriend. Let us have eternal happiness together and continue to grow stronger as we spend more time together.”

“God, bless our relationship with understanding, communication, and unconditional love. Help us to overcome any difficult moment that comes our way.”

“Thank you Lord for giving me a man with such a good heart to be by my side.”

“Dear Lord, please bless my beloved with good health every day. Fill his heart with your love, so he knows how much I care about him every time we talk on the phone or see each other.”

“God, give me strength also during this day, but also grant it to _. Let us both feel happy and healthy during our busy days ahead.”

“God, I ask you to keep __ healthy and protect them from any disease that may come their way. Let your love for them be the light in the dark times.”

“I pray for _ every day, Lord. Help guide him to good health and protect him from anything harmful. Amen.”

“Dear Lord, let my beloved find success in his new job today. Guide him through the day as he works hard at his desk, so he can accomplish what he needs to do.”

“God, please let my boyfriend find happiness in his new job. Guide him to success and keep him safe while he works.”

“I pray that __ has a great day at work today and doesn’t have any stress leaving the office.”

“May _ be blessed today with many sales and friendly customers.”

“I pray today and everyday, he sees little miracles happen at work throughout his day.”

“God, I pray that _ finds favor, since his boss decides on the promotion. I pray that you bless him with the new position and that he may excel in his work.”

Just wanted to take a quick minute this morning to say a prayer for my amazing boyfriend. Please Lord let him know how much I love him and guide him through his day. Help him have a fantastic day! May he be happy, loved and safe throughout his journey.”

“I just wanted to say thank you Lord for all the blessings in my life today. I am grateful that _ is by my side at this wonderful time right now. Please guide us as we continue our journey together! Let nothing come between us or make it difficult for us to love one another with your unconditional grace!”

“Father God, thank you so much for blessing me with someone who gives me strength in difficult times and makes me laugh in happy times. _, I love you very much! Please continue to shower it with all the good things in life and keep us together in all that comes our way!”

“Dear Lord, as I start my day, please stay with my boyfriend _. Help him through any challenges he may face today and let him know how much I love and support him. Amen.”

“My prayer for my beautiful _ is that you have a wonderful day filled with your grace, love and happiness. Surround him with people who care for him and help guide his path in the right direction. May he feel loved by you throughout his day. ”

“Dear Lord, give __ the strength and courage to conquer any challenge that comes his way today! May everything go well only by Your will! Amen”

“Dear Lord, please bless my beloved this morning with happiness and love. Let these be his guide throughout the day. Let them know how much they mean to me, through divine guidance from him today.”

“God help my boyfriend to see all the love you have for him every day. Help us feel loved and happy!”

“Today I pray that our relationship will blossom like a beautiful flower garden with bright colors everywhere! Thank you God for uniting us as one! May we share everlasting love forever!”

“I pray that my boyfriend is filled with your love and happiness. And I ask for help to live each day in a way that brings us closer together.”

“Dear Lord, please bless my boyfriend this morning as he embarks on his journey today! Please keep him safe in all his endeavors and let him know how much I care about him!”

“I love _ God so much! Please help him find joy in all things today, not just for me, but for what you have blessed him with.”

“Dear Lord, please protect my beloved this morning as he goes about his daily life. Guide his steps so that they are safe even though his path is not clear. Let the Holy Spirit guide you where he needs to go today.”

My wishes for you in life is to see you smile for the rest of our lives. I pray to God today that your happiness has no limits and that everyone who comes into contact with you will see the work of the Almighty in your life. My love for you knows no limits My King.

As you go out today and plan to venture into his business, may God open the way for you. His business will yield handsomely and success will know no bounds in his efforts. Amen.

I pray for you, you will be great physically, mentally and intellectually. No evil will cross your path and may you experience goodness in every area of ​​your life. Amen.

May you never experience tears, may your ears hear no bitter words, and may your lips never speak evil until death. May you experience sweetness forever My world.

May the lord pave the way for you, where your partner strives to gain greatness, may you walk and receive greatness easily. I pray to God to continue your path to success forever.

I pray that you receive a great connection that makes you stand in the midst of Kings and Queens. Your blessing will be visible to all eyes and I pray that everyone hears the greatness of God in your life. I love you immersively My King.

Anything you lay your hands on will yield to success. Let the whole world hear your success story. May you be blessed in a measure of overload. You will never fail My King.

Just like the fragrant morning, may your day be filled with God’s brilliance and may your path lead you to success. I wish you immersive luck today and always.

What comes out of your mouth today will be pleasant, I ask God for goodness in your life. May success never stray from your path.

Prayer For My Boyfriend to Have Money

My love, as you continue with your daily work, I pray for God’s protection in your life.

You are the man that I love very much, you are the king of my heart and I pray that your life will be the best from now on.

This is a prayer for my man. I pray for God’s guidance and protection in your life, today and every day of your life.

My Father who is heaven, thank you very much for giving me such a wonderful boyfriend. Thank you for creating such a kind and loving man. He has been one of the greatest blessings in my life and I am very happy to meet him. Father, please take care of him, I ask you to continue guiding him, give him knowledge and more wisdom. Help me better understand how to love and care for him. Also as we walk on this journey and faith, help us to better understand you and build our relationship on your principles. Amen

Father, I come before you with so much gratitude for bringing my boyfriend into my life. I thought I’d never meet the right man, but you answered my prayers. You brought the right person into my life. A caring, loving and God fearing person, you have given me a boyfriend with whom I can share your word. Father, I pray that you can inspire him, protect him, and guide him. Amen.

Holy Father, you are a living God, praises to you. Thank you very much for answering my prayers. You have brought a loving boyfriend into my life. My heart is always happy thanks to him Father. Protect him from any evil and guide us on the right path. Help us to love together according to your word. Help our love grow, and that we never lack. Amen.

Heavenly Father, touch my boyfriend’s heart, make him love me more until the end of time. I pray that we will be happy together forever. Touch it, Lord. Amen

Dear God, I come before you tonight. Thank you for the many blessings you have given us. Most of all, thank you for giving me a wonderful boyfriend. As my boyfriend goes to sleep tonight, I pray that you take care of him. Take away the pain and weariness; help him find solutions to his problems. Help him to be at peace and wake up with energy. Even when he wakes up for his daily work, protect him. Amen.

Lord, I come before you; I want you to guide our relationship. Touch my boyfriend’s heart with your power. Guide him in everything he does. Put me in his mind and heart. Let’s be together forever. Amen.

Heavenly Father, I come before you with my heart wide open, come to me and guide me. You know me better than anyone in this world. You are my creator, the one who gives me hope and breath of life. I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find the right boyfriend. The one who is God fearing, the one who is loving, caring and kind. I turn to you God; satisfies the desires of my heart. Help me find a boyfriend whom I will love and cherish forever. Amen.

Lord, thank you for hearing my cry; You have brought such a wonderful man into my life. He is pious, loving, kind and good-hearted. I pray that you will help us continue to grow in faith and love each other forever. Amen.

Thank you God for giving me such a handsome and loving boyfriend, I ask you to show him the way and protect him every day. Give him wisdom and let him draw closer to you each day. Help us to understand you and walk in your path. In the name of Jesus, amen.

Honey, it is my humble prayer that the door of success and greatness will open for you.

I know you will make it in life, keep working hard, the door of blessing and success will soon open. I love you my love.

May each passing day your energy be renewed and you feel stronger in God. Amen.

You have been a blessing to my life. May God continue to bless you until the time of the end.

May you be surrounded by positive people who will continue to be a blessing to your life.

You deserve a comfortable life and I continually pray for your success.

In your daily work, may you be protected by the blood of Jesus Christ, Amen!

You have given me joy and happiness, and that is why I will never stop praying to God for you to be a very successful man.

You have the experience my love this work is yours I ask God to grant it to you

My dear boyfriend, may the Lord bless you abundantly, may you never lack and may your life always be in God. I wish you success in life, my love.

I pray to God to fill you with his blessings. May you always attract favor from him and blessings from him. I wish you success, my love.

My wish for you my love is that you have happiness and prosperity. May our good Lord grant you the desires of your heart, Amen.

You have everything you need to get a job promotion, may God make the work of your hands always noticeable.

May the effort you have put into this project be richly rewarded in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus, I pray that your day is as wonderful as yesterday, that God answers all your prayers. Have a blessed handsome day.

May the Lord be seen in you, may you be a living testimony to others. Amen

May what God has started in your life continue to flourish forever.

My love, may it never be a burden to anyone in your life, but a blessing to others.

I ask God to keep you safe in everything you do. May you also claim the promises he has given us.

May the Lord bless you and keep you all the days of your life.

I am so grateful to have you as a part of my life. Every morning when I wake up, I thank God. I am blessed to have you. I will continue to ask God to bless you.

May you be victorious over any satanic plan that comes your way in Jesus Name. May God always help you to walk in his path and may you always find in God.

I pray that we achieve greatness in everything we do, that the doors of success open for us.

In all our dreams and desires, may the Lord meet our needs! May he bless our relationship and cherish each other forever. I love you.

Dear Lord, thank you for giving me a loving boyfriend, I am deeply in love with him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, even though there are so many obstacles in the way. I pray for your guidance and help the relationship appreciate in you. Amen.

O heavenly Father, I come before you, thank you for the gift of life and for giving me a boyfriend who loves me gently. Help me to always be in his mind. I pray that you will make our relationship lead to marriage and that we will grow old together praising your name. Amen.

Lord, I come before you, thank you for giving me such a cute boyfriend. I want you to touch his heart, to know you. Use me Lord; I want him to believe in you. Amen.

Heavenly Father, my relationship is falling apart. Please save my relationship with my boyfriend. I love him so much and I can’t see the relationship falling apart. Let me touch his heart and his soul.

Exam Success Wishes And Prayers For My Boyfriend

I trust in God and in your outstanding performance in this exam. Your success is guaranteed!

I trust that God will reward your midnight candle burning with excellence.

Just know that my heart goes out to you and I am always praying for your success, my love. Best wishes on your exams.

I’ve always loved the fact that you don’t believe in chance, but in hard work. I pray that your efforts will be crowned with success.

I am confident that all the effort you have put into studying will surely reward you handsomely with greatness.

You are such a brilliant guy. And that’s one of the virtues I love in you. Best wishes on your exams.

My prayer goes with you always. All the best in this exam.

This exam means a lot to me than you can imagine. Because I always take pride in your success. So do it right dear.

Go for the gold and never let me down. Success I beg you.

I’ve always trusted your instincts. You know how well you prepare yourself even for uncertainties. My best wishes in these exams.

Nothing catches you off guard. You are always obedient and you are always prepared. Success is yours, dear.

Your approach to the questions is sure to stun the examiners. All the best in this exam, my love.

Because you prepared so hard, your success must be guaranteed.

God’s promises rest on you that you will be the head and never the tail. So, victory is yours in these exams.

And you will know and do better than your examiners because an excellent spirit has been placed in you.

My prayer is that the areas you are fully prepared for will be the areas on your exam.

I pray your lovely handwriting will win you favor with your examiners.

Don’t worry, you are already distinguished by excellence. Go and shine.

Your scripts will leave your examiners totally amazed because you will perform beyond their expectations. So shall.

I trust what God will do in your life in this exam period and after. Testimony of success will fill your mouth.

Everything that seems difficult before the exam will become easy to understand. You will read, retain and excel!

Do not worry. Do your best and leave the rest for God to intervene. Everything will end in praise.

I have been rooting my prayers for you, that you perform very well and make us proud.

We all count on your success. I admire you myself. Do not disappoint me. I trust God in your life.

The reward of hard work is success. All your effort and work on these exams will be crowned with massive success.

Success cannot be far from you because you are a child of purpose and destiny. So relax and be victorious.

You are a man of great intelligence. It runs in your blood and I know you will surely make us proud in this exam.

I believe in you, darling. And I know that God himself will go before you and help you through it.

Don’t be discouraged by receding from the past. Just work harder this time and hope for divine change. I pray that you are successful.

May you never see any kind of involvement during and after exams. God be with you!

May you be covered in excellence and wonderful notes. The best is yours!

All the midnight candles you have burned along with the sleepless nights will reward you with great success.

Sound mind and excellent spirit are my wishes for you in this upcoming exam.

May you find the correct answers to all questions quickly. Success is your portion!

The correct interpretation of each question will come to your mind. I wish you all the best in these exams.

None of the questions will scare or bore you. Rather, the correct answers will soon come to mind.

The stress you have suffered should never discourage you, but focus your mind on achieving your goal.

You are never a failure because success has been assigned to your destiny since your birth. So, I wish you all the best!

You have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt many times how your skills can pave the way for you. Then show your skill and knock them down.

You have always been the first of the class. This should never be an exception. Maintain your excellence.

I am so inspired by your zeal for greatness. So I pray that this exam goes well for you.

As he proceeds, I pray that God will bring to his memory all that he has read and researched.

Prayers For Success And Prosperity For My Boyfriend

“May the Lord pave the way for you, and where your partner is striving for greatness, may you walk easily and receive it. I pray that God will lead you to success for the rest of your life.”

“I beg you to make a powerful connection that allows you to stand between kings and queens. Every eye will see your blessing, and I pray that every ear will hear the greatness of God in your life. My King, I love you completely.”

“Everything you put in your hands will be fruitful. May your success story be heard around the world. May you be blessed in an overabundance of ways. My King, you will never let me down.”

“My life’s goal for you is to smile for the rest of our lives together. I pray to God today that your joy has no limits and that all who come into contact with you see the hand of God at work in your life. My love for you, My King, knows no limits.”

“May God open doors for you when you go out today and plan to start your business. Your business will prosper abundantly and your achievements will be limitless. Amen to that.”

“I pray for you and know that you will be fantastic in every way: physically, mentally and intellectually. No evil will come your way, and may you be blessed in all aspects of your life. Amen to that.”

“May your eyes never cry, your ears never hear bitter words, and your lips never speak evil until you die. May you always be surrounded by sweetness, my world.”

“I pray that your star shines brightly, allowing the entire world to see and feel God’s goodness in your life. May you never lose sight of the light in your life. I pray that you have the greatest success.”

“I speak to your life as a prophet. My love, I pray that you excel beyond human imagination, find success in every corner of the world, and never know evil for the rest of your life.”

“There is abundance of joy and eternal greatness in the presence of the Almighty. Today I place you in the presence of God, and as the son of God that you are, I wish you a prosperous life, My King.”

“I commend you into the hands of the Lord, and may everything you put forth from now on be fruitful. May your light shine brightly and success find you. I’m in love with you.”

“May your day be filled with much brilliance from God, and may your path lead you to success, just like the fragrant morning. I wish you the best of luck today and always.”

“I pray for the goodness of God in your life, and what comes out of your mouth today will be pleasant. May success always come to you.”

“I pray that anything that stands in your way to reach greater heights never crosses your path and that the good Lord speaks for you in the places where you are not present, My Sun.”

“Every tongue that speaks ill of you will be condemned, and every heart that harbors malice against you will perish. I ask you for the greatest success in everything you do. I love you and I wish you the best of success.”

“I pray that as you walk out today, you see the miracle of God in everything you touch. May you find blessings in everything you touch today. My king, you are blessed.”

“Everything you desire will be easily obtained, and I pray that you never complain before you smile. My King, may God pave the way for you. My sweetest, I pray for a miracle from God in your life.

“My sweetest man, the one I truly love, I pray that God’s blessing never leaves you. I wish you nothing but greatness in your life.”

“I pray that any attachment you have towards me does not bring you sadness. I pray that God will remove all obstacles from his path from now until the end of time. My King, I will love you until the end of time.”

“As time goes by, I pray that your blessings continue to replenish daily until you have an overflow of blessings. May you be too lucky to be sad. My world, I heard you.”

“Every bad omen in your life will vanish into thin air. May God open a new door for you, My Jewel, and whatever brings you sadness will never cross your path.”

“May God keep you safe through the night, and I commend your sleeping and waking hours to the most powerful God. May you have fresh breath when you wake up in the morning. I’m in love with you.”

“I wish you Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding so that you can successfully face your daily tasks, and I pray that everything you set out to do succeeds. My King, I wish you great success.”

“I pray that God watches over you throughout your life and never finds you lacking in a great personal relationship. May both young and old refer to you as great. Darling, I love you”.

“The blessings of the Lord will not deviate from your path, the success of the world will be filled in your life, and you will never experience sadness in your efforts from today on. May you be successful in your endeavors.”

“Dear sir! I pray for the strength and courage of my man. I pray that he maintains the willpower and divine ability to face the world and resist the machinations of the enemy and the wicked. He will not succumb to the plans of the devil, nor will he allow the darkness to rule his life. I pray that it will continue to keep him in good health, strength and mental well-being. Please keep his heart from wandering and allow him to keep his eyes on your plan for him and his desires.”

“Dear Lord! I pray for my man and the people he associates with. I pray that he be constantly reminded that he should only walk and associate with those who remind him of your love and commandments. Please, Lord, keep him away from the wrong crowd.” of friends and place him in the company of those who will help him achieve his dreams, goals and ambitions. He will not be deceived or seduced by the wrong people, and his communication will be seasoned, godly and worthy of emulation at all times. O Lord, separate him from the wrong crowd if necessary, and teach him to value only the essence of kingdom friendship.”

“Dear Sir! I earnestly pray that You will bestow upon my man an excellent spirit of leadership. Let him continue to lead his life and the lives of those around him with wisdom. O Lord, help him to develop single character and maintain focus. Empower him with divine leadership abilities and help him to live a selfless life of service to you, Lord, and his fellow man Give him the discipline, grace and strength to foster godly relationships in the home, community and house of the Lord excelling in humility and humility of heart.

“Dear Lord! I pray that you will grant my beloved the courage to mature in character and confront the bad habits and actions of the past. Father, give him the perseverance to leave behind the scars of the past and focus on the future you have planned for him.” Lord, take his mind off the failures and disappointments of the past years and let him focus his strength on preparing a better and brighter future for himself and those around him.Let him know that he has a glorious and purposeful future ahead of him. you, Lord.”

“Please father, give my husband the ability to be the best husband and father he can be. Give him the wisdom, patience, and consideration he needs to manage a home and care for his loved ones. It adjusts his priorities and instills in him the belief that his family is the most important aspect of his life. Please, Lord, take his mind off the distractions of work, habits and strange women and keep thoughts for the good of the family constant in his mind. Allow him to continue collaborating with me to preserve the peace and comfort of this family. Lord, grant him the ability to give generously to his family.”

“Dear Lord Father, with all sincerity and love in my heart, I pray that my man will continue to prosper and excel. I pray that the fruits of his labor will bear fruit and that he will not feel ashamed. I pray, O Lord, that you grant him abundant success and fill his days with joy and contentment. I pray for him that the work of his hands is imbued with integrity and that his heart is set on honesty. I pray that my man will never go hungry and that he will always have enough to feed himself and his family, Lord.”

“Dear Father, I earnestly pray that you will guide a man’s heart to genuine love for you and me. Teach him to love me as you have loved the Lord, unconditionally and without reservation. Do not allow filth to enter his heart and direct him towards what is just, holy and pure. Teach him to keep his focus on godliness and divine purpose, and remove any evil thoughts from his heart. Please, Lord, grant him a heart that acknowledges you as Lord and Lord, and be his shield and sufficiency forever.”

“Dear Father, I pray for my man’s safety. Please, Lord, keep him safe every day under your watchful eye and never let him out of your sight. Please, Lord, make your Angels take care of him and never allow him to fall prey to the enemy, as you promised in your words. O Lord, we have no faith in the safety and security of the world, but we have complete faith in the protection you provide, O Lord. Never let me cry for my man or worry about his health. Continue to be a shield and strength for him, Lord, and make him feel safe in your care.

Success Prayers For Your Boyfriend

My king, I pray for God’s protection in your life. I pray that the rest of your life is the best of your life, my lover.

Dear sir, a prayer for the success of my boyfriend, I hope God blesses him and gives him all the happiness he deserves.

My only wishes for you are happiness and prosperity. I pray that God grants you all the desires of your heart. May all the good things you ever dreamed of come to you without stress by the grace of God. I love you.

Dear sir, please help my boyfriend. Guide him and keep him safe. Help him be happy and healthy. Please give him strength in difficult times and let us be together forever. Amen.

I pray for my boyfriend’s safety. Give him the grace and security to foster godly relationships.

Father God, I pray for an endless supply of love and eternal greatness.

May God bless you generously and may your hands be blessed. The miracle of God will never leave your life, My Love. I pray that we experience the beauty of life together.

God guides and his love will be with you forever. You will have joy and eternal greatness when you believe in your faith.

The world will bow at your feet and wherever you go, you will see and experience the work of the mighty God in your life, darling. Whatever is giving you joy will never be the cause of sadness in your life.

As time passes, I pray that you will receive a more constant shower of God’s love and blessings…so much so that your life overflows with it. You are my world, I miss you.

As you set out to conquer the world today, may God be with you and perform a miracle on you! With his hard work and tenacity over the past few months, I’m sure he’ll do just fine anyway.

Everything you have dreamed of is now so close to you! I pray that you never complain before you smile anymore, my king. You are the sweetest gentleman I have ever met and you deserve the best.

Whatever you’re going through, I hope it doesn’t bring you permanent sadness. I know that I cannot be with you at all times, but may God be with you always, I love you very much, my Prince.

To the sweetest man I have ever met, the one I truly love, I pray that God’s grace will never depart from you. May you experience all the great things in life!

Before going to bed, I always pray for your physical, mental and intellectual health. May no evil cross your path and may you experience goodness in all aspects of your life.

As you leave today and continue your hard work, may God be by your side. I know that your business will perform handsomely and you will enjoy immense success in a short time. Amen

My Father and Holy Spirit. You are my guide. I believe in you with all my being. Today, I ask for your help in guiding my man to his rightful place. Be the invisible promoter of his business, the infallible companion of loneliness. Amen.

My baby, my jewel… may all the bad omens present in your life be swept away without a trace. Also, may God open new doors of new opportunities for you. You deserve the world.

I hope you don’t shed any more tears in your life, and if you do, it will be from pure happiness. May your ears not hear bitter words and may your lips never speak evil.

May everything that comes your way today be pleasant and from there, may you begin to form a path to success. God bless you my love!

Darling, you are assured of a glorious and purposeful future with every breath you take because God has plans for your life.

May the Lord pave the way for you to achieve your dreams. So, walk it with courage and conviction. If he needs help all the way, I’ll be there to help him.

I hope everything goes well there in the army! I miss you so much, but as you start your day, I know that God will be watching over you. Again, I miss you darling. See you very soon!

I put them in the hands of our God, and that what they put their hands from today, become success stories. You must believe in yourself, only then will your light shine. Love you.

May the power of Jesus Christ give you the necessary wisdom and mentality to be able to conquer what lies ahead. In other words, may whatever you set your mind to in your heart succeed, my king.

Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on my boyfriend, God! Seeing him fulfill his dreams and advance his career makes me the happiest woman on Earth. You are truly magnificent in all your ways. I promise to dedicate myself to you until the end of time.

You are pure in all your ways, Father, and for that I adore you. Please let him realize his true potential and achieve great success in the future. In your name, I pray. Amen.

Holy Father, while I am here today. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful boyfriend, who I bet he was modeled after Your heart. I can see how he longs to have you in his life, so Father, please reveal yourself to him soon.

My father, since I can’t be there, please find helpers for my boyfriend. May all the men and women he meets help him in every way. With all my heart, Amen.

Oh Jesus Christ, please bless my boyfriend so that he will be the head and not the tail. Put him in a position where he should be. May his co-workers favor him highly and never dishonor him!

Dear Jesus, I humbly come to You with the request that You grant my boyfriend a promotion at his job. After all his years of dedication to that company, he deserves it. In Your Holy name, I pray. Amen.

Lord, as my boyfriend goes to his new place of work, I wish that your angels watch over him. I hope he is not a victim of circumstance. Rather, I hope that the warrior in him rises up and reigns. Amen.

Jehovah, with all my heart, thank you for restoring my boyfriend to health. Thank you for taking away what is not part of his body. From now on, I want to rejoice in You.

Father, I rest in your power. I pray that my boyfriend’s business finds a divine breakthrough. After all his hard work and dedication, please open doors of countless blessings for him. Also, may he possess the strength to overcome his challenges. In your mighty name, I pray. Amen.

You are the only one who promises and never fails to deliver, Lord. Thank you for giving my boyfriend unprecedented success and rewarding him for all his hard work. More importantly, thank you for answering our prayers. In your glory, Amen.

Dear God, You are the only one who can really advance my boyfriend’s career. Instead of delays, I pray for unprecedented progress in the near future.

Dear Jesus, surround my boyfriend with Your glory as he starts his new business. There really is nothing I want more than to see my boyfriend succeed. May he be far from failures, and if he experiences one, may he recover easily. Amen.

Oh Lord, in your power, rise up and put an end to my boyfriend’s hard times at school. Whether they come as sadistic bully sermons, let them down. It’s hard to watch him fight and I just can’t take it anymore. In your name I pray, Amen.

Father, I ask that you have declared in your word that you will renew our strength like the lion’s. It is in that word that I can live day to day, and I know that the same happens with my boyfriend. May the darkness and despair stay away from us. In your name, we pray. Amen.

Powerful Prayers For Boyfriend Success

God of all glory and peace, I offer you this kind request on behalf of my boyfriend whom I love very much. I pray that your word will equip and encourage him in all that he does. Lord, I pray that all your promises will manifest in his life and that success will always be his portion.

Lord, I dedicate my beloved boyfriend before your capable hands, with the understanding that you can do great things. I pray that you will give him wisdom in the operation of his business and that he may have untold success. Amen.

We choose to trust you oh Lord. Because you have promised to be with us until the end of time. By your grace and mercy, you took my boyfriend through his education and even gave him a job. In the same way, to support you in his workplace and give you ideas to make money. You will always be glorified in our lives.

Jehovah, you have given us everything that pertains to life and godliness. Deep in my heart, I believe that you are the source of all promotion and success. At this point, I pray that you appear in my boyfriend’s life and that you can promote him beyond his wildest imagination. We acknowledge you as God above all situations. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Dear Lord, I bring before your throne of grace the subject of my boyfriend’s success. I know you answer prayers. Therefore, I ask you to intervene and change the situations for their good. May favor and excellence follow him in his field of expertise and may all that he does be blessed. Amen.

Father, I thank you because I am sure that you hear me and will answer me promptly. Grant my loving boyfriend success in his trading business. Expand his stores and attract loyal customers from all over the world. Amen.

Dear Lord, let your face shine on my boyfriend. Make fruitful the work of his hands. I ask you to give him agility and excellence. May he never suffer or lose the fruits of his labor.

Jehovah Jireh, you are our great provider. With total submission to his will, I ask that you allow my boyfriend to experience financial and material advancement in all of his endeavors. He provides everything he needs and grant him a successful career. You alone are exalted in our lives.

Eternal God, be honored for your sufficient provision in my boyfriend’s life. I ask you in humility this day, to do much more for him. Make him a pillar of success like no other in his business. Lead him on the path of a higher calling, and may all glory return to your holy name.

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask you, in your infinite mercy, to give my boyfriend great ideas that will make him prosper. He turns stagnation into rapid overflow and turns scarcity into abundance in everything he does.

Lord, today I come to you with a prayer that only you can answer. I trust you to be faithful and capable of making my boyfriend prosper in his work. Bless him without measure. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Lord, I say a word of encouragement to my boyfriend who is weak and desperate at the moment. I pray that you gain the strength to endure every situation life throws at you. May he have the audacity to stand up for what is true, what is noble, and what is just. Thank you, heavenly Father, because you will do what you have promised. Amen.

Father in heaven, I humble myself before you, dedicating my boyfriend before your capable hands. It awakens a force within him that sees him victorious in everything he does. You’ve seen the good deeds he’s done, and I think he deserves much better. I have faith in you and in your power. Thank you for all that he has done for us and for the greatness that he awaits us. Amen.

Dear God, I thank you for the gift of life and the ability to reach out to you in person, anytime, anywhere. I pray for my boyfriend, knowing how he wants to be successful in his work and business. We believe that in you we live, move and exist. So, Lord, I call on your unending favor and grace to reign in all that he possesses. Thank you for always hearing and answering our prayers.

Your word says that we can do everything in you, Lord. We acknowledge that you are the God of all possibilities. Today, I choose to believe that you are going to move a lot through my boyfriend. I trust you for his financial revival and the provision of peace in his life. Surround him with your kindness and connect him with the people who will further his purpose. I ask you believing and trusting, Amen.

Father, you are the giver of strength. You said in your Word that you are the one who teaches our hands to make war. On that basis, I ask you to strengthen my boyfriend in his moment of weakness. Remind him that you are everything he needs to be strong in the face of despair. Amen.

I glorify your name, Lord, because you are worthy. Today, I ask you to empower my boyfriend to face difficulties. Work in him and through him, so that he accomplishes incredible deeds in his life. I ask it in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Thank you, Father, because I know that with you everything is possible. I present my boyfriend who is going through difficult times. You know him better than I do, and I know that you are very capable of getting him out of any situation. Help him, Lord, and only you will be honored in our lives.

My King of Glory, I exalt your name because you are God for yourself. I strongly ask you today to instill in my boyfriend the strength to do your will. Use it mightily in his service and may he honor you in word and deed.

Father, it is your pleasure that we are sound in mind. I ask you to heal my boyfriend’s state of mind and revive the thought of him. Guide him to the right resources that will improve his strength and stamina for positive results. Both for him and for your kingdom.

Dear God, thank you for always being with us and for connecting me with my soon to be husband boyfriend. Lord, I know we haven’t done anything special to deserve your love, but you still keep and protect us. In the same way, I pray for my boyfriend’s protection. Always keep an eye on it and place a protection hedge around it. I know by faith that you will sustain us until the end of our days.

Lord full of compassion and mercy, I come before you today with a grateful heart for all that you have done in our lives. As we go through this journey of life, I commend my boyfriend to your presence. May you guide him always and protect him from the snare of the devourer. Help us to strengthen ourselves in faith and in our love life. In the end, may all honor return to you.

Holy Father, may his ever-present eyes always watch over my boyfriend as he comes and goes. I pray that you always take care of him while he sleeps and when he wakes up. More than anything, bring him closer to you and let him understand your power over his life. Thank you for his blessings and for the many more that are underway.

Dear Father, I adore and glorify your name. In these difficult times, I dedicate my loving boyfriend in your presence. Give him godly wisdom and depth of understanding to comprehend the times we are living in. Guide him on your paths and keep him away from danger. You who know and see everything, will sustain him until the end of his days. Help us to always follow your command and to understand your will over our lives. Amen.

You, Lord, are our refuge in times of distress. I pray that you take my boyfriend to find safety in you. Protect him against trials and difficulties; never consume it. I believe you have heard me and responded in Jesus Name. Amen.

The security is from the Lord, and it is with that security that I come before your throne of grace, Father, to ask for the safety of my boyfriend. Keep him from danger at the exit of him and at the entrance of him. May you fiercely protect him while he works this day. Amen.

My excellent Lord, it is by your mercies that we are not consumed. Even before I entered your presence, you already knew the desires of my heart. Protect my dear boyfriend from the dangers of the sea as he travels by water today. The ship he will board will not capsize or be attacked by pirates. He will go and come back safe and sound. Finally, all the glory will be yours.

Jehovah, you commanded us to call on you in the time of trouble because you will answer. With a broken heart, I ask you today to rescue my boyfriend to a safe place. Wherever he is, protect him, and hasten his steps home. I ask knowing that you will answer me, in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. Father, I invoke your name at this time on behalf of my boyfriend. You are in an unknown land on a business trip; keep it safe. Let the eyes of his enemies be blinded. Be his guide and protector. Amen.

Dear Lord, there is nothing too difficult for you. I know, and that’s my confidence. Today I ask you to surround my boyfriend with a wall of fire, to keep him safe from the tricks of the wicked. Deliver him from the plans of destruction against his life, for the glory of your Holy Name.

Abba Father, you love us so much that you want to lead us to safety when there is danger ahead of us. I ask you to keep my boyfriend safe. He levels every mountain in front of him; may he rise to victory on your wings. Thank you because I know that you have answered me in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

I pray, Lord, for the safety of my boyfriend. I don’t know the battles he is currently facing, but you know them better. In all things, keep him safe and sound for me. When he calls you, that you answer promptly, because you are God above all. I thank you because I know you have answered me.

Good Prayers For My Boyfriend

Heavenly Father, I ask you to grant my boyfriend his dream job. Give it with the grace to succeed in life. No matter his mistakes and failures in the past, may his future be great. Take it to a new level in life. Let him reach the people in front of him. Give him great speed to recover and overtake. His efforts will produce a great result. Every power of darkness that lurks around his advance is overcome by the light of the Holy Spirit. It’s okay with him, now and forever. Because I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.

My eternal life changer, I commend my stubborn boyfriend into your mighty hand. Turn his life around. Prevail over him and let him see the light. Change his unfaithful ways and help him become a man of integrity. By your mercy, free him from the routine of deceit and lies. Do this in honor of your most powerful Name. Amen.

Father, it is your wish that my boyfriend and I enjoy a stable relationship, free from breakups and disasters caused by infidelity. I ask you to hinder any diabolical plan to take his heart with lust and immorality. Guard his heart with your infallible word and send your spirit to be his refuge. Amen.

For you, my dear boyfriend, I pray; May the stars guide your steps. May the sun be kind to your skin. May the stars of favor and love surround you. May everything you do prosper. As long as you live, may you find many reasons to give thanks. May your needs be met by the good Lord. May you not regret your stay here on earth. I pray that your heavenly Father will establish, perfect, strengthen and establish you now and forever. I love you!

For your love for me and all the good you have done. I pray that you find peace and joy in your ways. As you go in search of your daily bread, may you not meet the evil and wickedness of man. Your lamp oil will not dry out. The grace of the Lord will remain with you forever. May the Holy Spirit inspire you for advancement and prosperity. May your health flourish like the rising sun. Happiness will never elude you. You will be everything you dream of and much more in the name of Jesus, I pray.

It is my joy to say these prayers for you. May your exit and your entrance be blessed. May disappointment never be your portion. May the Lord fill you with energy to succeed. May you not be discouraged in times of trial. May you find the face of the Lord when you seek him. May his hard work be rewarded with success. May the testimony of the Lord be sure over your life. May what is good for you not be given to another. Favor will surround you, love will be your portion. The peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard and guide your heart. May you never tire of doing good. It is well with your soul, I beg you.

Dear boyfriend, I pray that your steps today are ordered by the Lord. He will experience unexpected breakthroughs and successes. Your name will be praised on higher ground. May your heart be continually filled with peace and love. May your lips never be empty of adoration. May your mind be a home of serenity. May the Lord supply all your needs according to his riches to his glory. His secret plans will not go to waste and his silent prayers will be answered. Nothing will shorten your life. It is in good health that you will live out your many days on earth in Jesus name. Amen!

I would pray for the person I love, so I will pray for you, my dear. May you live to declare the works of the Lord. In the land of the living, you will witness your prosperity. In this season and time, you will find what your heart desires. May your name not be missing in the book of life. I pray the spirit of excellence and wisdom upon your life, to succeed where men fail, to be preferred over others. May the Lord be pleased with your prosperity. May men rejoice in blessing you. Your possessions will be many and so will the peace of your heart flourish. May your heart be filled with faith instead of doubt. May the Lord bless you with a sound mind, power and love. You will have many reasons to praise the Lord in the name of Jesus, I pray to you!

Dear Lord, I ask you to make my boyfriend whole again. By the power of the Holy Spirit, he will refrain from committing iniquity. He washes away his sins and makes him worthy to come into your presence. Give him the right spirit.

Lord grant my boyfriend the attitude of gratitude. May he cultivate the habit of thanking you for what you have blessed him with. He will never gossip about what he does not yet have. Let the act of thanksgiving bring forth abundance for him, in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I ask you to make my boyfriend the best man I have ever come across. Grant him great attributes. May he be to me a source of joy and happiness. Give her a kind heart and a free spirit. May he be at peace with me and his creator at all times.

Wherever scarcity prospers in your business and career, may the Lord put an end to it. May you find plenty in time of famine and enough when there is scarcity on earth.

May the works of your hands be blessed and fruitful. May you be promoted and celebrated in your work. May your light shine so bright before all men.

May the Lord protect you from all evil and guide your steps from misfortune and bless in due time the works of your hands. You will dwell under the shadow of the Most High. Your days will not be shortened. So, it will be in the name of Jesus. Amen.

For you, my love, I pray; you will be an epitome of God’s grace and love. May the good Lord always manifest himself in the matters that concern you. You will flourish on earth and inherit the heavens. No evil will happen to you.

Your health will flourish and your peace will be like a river. Nothing will stand in the way of your happiness from now and forever.

May the Lord keep your family. And I bless you with the desires of your heart. Distance and other earthly things will not separate you from those you love. Be well with your soul in Jesus name.

I pray for you, my love; your projects will be successful. And your proposals will be approved. You will be blessed on this day with divine helpers to support your dreams and lead you to the promised land. May the peace of God fill your heart.

May the Lord show his case. May He do you justice in your cause. May every battle be won in your favor. You will sing the songs of victory in the name of Jesus.

May the blood of Jesus cleanse your sins. May he sanctify your tongue and your heart. May your prayers rise to him like a sweet aroma. Nothing will separate you from the love of Christ, I beg you. Amen!

Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, disturbance and evil will not reside in your body. May you be a vessel for honor and praise in Jesus name.

You will never have to beg for bread or water to drink. May the Lord supply your needs according to his riches to his glory. I love you!

May the Spirit of the Lord be with you to protect you from all evils and bless you with will and strength to overcome all temptations. May the Lord dwell in your praise in Jesus name.

I pray that the God of heaven and earth will deliver you from all cycles of regression and regression. You will advance. You will be head and not tail in Jesus name.

May the Lord bless you with the power to forgive. May your days be beautiful and without the scars of pain and betrayal. May you find justice, peace and the joy of the Holy Spirit. I love you!

May good things happen to you. May the Lord keep evil from your sight. May the King of kings take control of your life, your actions and your thoughts today, I beg you.

I pray for you, my love; self-pity will not be your portion. You will know who you are in Christ. You will sing songs of victory and shout for joy on the field. You will walk in love today, I beg you.

May the Lord keep your ways from bad friends and wicked men. Your enemies will be at peace with you. Your days will not be wasted by worms and parasites, I beg of you.

Because you have been given the key to the kingdom of God, whatever you loose here on earth will be loosed in heaven. What you bind will remain bound in Jesus name. Amen!

The evil words against your life will be annihilated and the hopes of the wicked will perish. The devices of the wicked will have no effect on your life and destiny in the name of Jesus. Amen.

I pray that you enjoy the grace of arriving safely at your destination. Your planned life journey will not result in pain and disappointment. You will prosper in your ways. I love you darling.

May the pact of life be with you. May your trip be safe and stress free. You will arrive home peaceful and complete. In the end, you will have every reason to praise the Lord.

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