Flipbelt.com Review {July 2022}

If you are looking for a comfortable way to carry your essentials while you are on the go, Flipbelt.com is a great option. Flipbelt.com is a website that sells belts designed to carry phones, wallets, and other small items while you exercise.

Belts made of stretchy fabric that can easily be worn around your waist or hips, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. It is designed to be extremely lightweight and comfortable. It is made from a stretchy spandex material that fits snugly around your waist, and features a series of pockets that can hold your key, phone, and other essentials while you run.

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Flipbelt is a popular way to carry small items like keys, credit cards and your phone. It’s also commonly used at the gym, while traveling, horseback riding, carrying medical devices like an EpiPen or asthma inhaler, and more. The belt is made of stretch fabric and has a long zipper that you can use to access the items you are carrying.

The belt fits comfortably around your waist and stays in place while you are moving, so you don’t have to worry about your items falling out. It’s also really easy to access whatever you have stored in the belt while you are working out.

Flipbelt Uses

The Flipbelt is a unique and versatile piece of clothing that can be used in a variety of ways. It can use by both men and women.


FlipBelt is the perfect way to stay hydrated and flexible while running. The belt holds water bottles or other drinks securely, without bouncing or chafing, while also allowing you to easily access them while you run. FlipBelt is perfect for trail runs, night running, and races of all distances.


The FlipBelt is a great way to keep your essentials close by while you are working out. It is perfect for runners who want to keep their hands free, weight lifters who need to carry their phone and keys with them, bikers who want to store their water bottle or snacks, and yogis who need somewhere to put their phone or keys.


FlipBelt is perfect for use at the beach or the pool because it keeps your belongings safe and dry. It’s also great for carrying snacks and water while you are hiking or walking around theme parks. And since it does not bounce or move around, FlipBelt makes a great travel companion when you are in an airport or on a plane.

Flipbelt Types

There are four types of Flipbelt.

  • The Classic is a simple, tubular belt that you wrap around your waist. It has no closure or buckle and just holds everything in place.
  • The Zipper has a zipper in the front for easy access to your belongings. This type is great for carrying larger items like phones, keys, and money.
  • The Apparel has a specially designed pocket that fits snugly against your body and can be worn under or over clothing. This type is perfect for carrying small items like credit cards, headphones, or lip balm.
  • The Simple is comfortable to wear and has a slim design that makes it easy to tuck away when you are not using it.

Is Flipbelt.com Legit?

Flipbelt.com is a retailer for athletic gear, selling products like running belts, wristbands, and headbands. The company has an Alexa ranking of 719k and has received 4.6 stars on Amazon from over 10,000 reviews. Rei.com, Scheels.com, and Fleetfeet.com all sell FlipBelt products, so it seems that the company is legitimate.

Most customers seem happy with the quality and performance of Flipbelt products. However, a few reviewers have complained about poor customer service or defective products. Overall, it seems like Flipbelt.com is a legitimate retailer with quality products.

Final Words

FlipBelt.com is a great resource for finding the perfect fitness belt for your needs. With a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect belt for your next workout. FlipBelt is an excellent running belt that provides a lot of storage space and superior comfort.

If you are looking for a quality running belt that will not chafe or bounce around while you run, the FlipBelt is definitely worth considering.

However, it is always important to do your research before making a purchase, especially if you are spending a lot of money.

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