Floarena Wrestling: The Hottest New Thing in Sports Entertainment

Floarena Wrestling is a Sports Entertainment company that features professional wrestling, live events and digital content. They are known for bringing in new, fresh talent who aren’t afraid to take risks and give their all while having a good time doing so.

With a roster full of diverse individuals, Floarena Wrestling produces several shows each year dedicated to showcasing the best of talent. In its first year alone, Floarena Wrestling has received over 10 million views on YouTube with the debut event trending at number one on Google search results.

Shows and Events

Battle Royal

In this premiere event where all of their athletes take to the ring to showcase their skills.

Hot as Hell

In july event where they host an extreme wrestling night.


A special event where they let their more aggressive talents get their hands dirty.

Royal Rumble

A massive event where they bring in multiple wrestlers and let the crowd decide who makes the main event.


A special event dedicated to the company’s home city.

Compensation and Advancement

For new talent, Floarena Wrestling provides a monthly stipend based on a percentage of the revenue from live events. For more experienced talent, they offer a base salary as well as a percentage of the revenue.

Floarena also offers health benefits and travel assistance when necessary. All talent can earn bonuses based on their performance, and they also have a profit-sharing program that allows each member of the roster to benefit from the growth of the company.


This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is passionate about wrestling and has the desire to become a professional wrestler. In order to be considered, you must meet the following requirements

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Be open to change and be willing to work on improving yourself.
  • Be willing to travel for events.
  • Be okay with a diverse, inclusive and friendly environment.
  • Be willing to share your passion with your fans.

Floarena Audience and How to Engage Them

Floarena Wrestling is a unique organization in that they have the ability to appeal to everyone from experienced wrestling fans to people who have never watched a match in their lives. There audience is made up of people from all over the world who come together to enjoy the athleticism and theatrics of our performers. If you want to engage with our audience, the best thing you can do is show passion for what you do.

Be open about your interests and make sure your social media accounts reflect who you are as a person. They want people involved in there brand to be themselves and enjoy what they do.

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