Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son | Birthday Wishes To Son

Happy Birthday son. May you live a joyful and happy life.

Happy birthday, dear son. May this birthday bring you many happy moments.

To my dear son, wishing you a successful and prosperous life ahead. Happy Birthday!

I am so glad that God gave me a son like you. Happy birthday to my beautiful son.

Wishing a very happy birthday to the most lovable son in the universe. I wish you all the joy, love, happiness and prosperity in your life!

The most memorable day for us is when you came into the world. We found our angel on this beautiful day. May you be blessed with a bright future!

A son like you gives us a reason to be happy and proud every day, thank you! Happy Birthday dear!

Have another glorious year of good health, prosperity and happiness! Happy Birthday son.

Happy birthday my son. The only thing I wish is that God helps you achieve your dreams; conquer all success in life and make you happy.

May all your wishes come true and know that as your dad, I am very proud of you. Happy Birthday son!

You will always be my greatest happiness, my son. I love you very much. Happy Birthday!

No matter how old you are, you will also be mama’s boy, and mama will love you just the same. Happy birthday, my precious.

With love and best wishes to the best son in the world! Have a wonderful birthday!

I wish I could pick out every piece of happiness in the world and give it to you! Happy Birthday son.

I thank God for sending the sweetest little angel as my son. Happy Birthday dear.

Hey my little one, today you are a big boy. I wish you a great birthday! You have all our blessings and we are praying for a wonderful life for you.

By the grace of God, may he fill you with all the happiness of life and always be surrounded by loved ones! Happy Birthday champion!

Sending special wishes to the best son in the world. We want you to be strong and brave always. Happy birthday my son!

May you always be happy, brave and strong; and always adored by others wherever you go in the world. Enjoy your life to the fullest. Happy Birthday kid!

May all your wishes, dreams come true and you get all the success and joy you want! Happy Birthday son.

Dear son, a very happy birthday to you! You are the best gift of our life. I hope this world is always kind to you. Have a wonderful day!

Happy birthday to you, son! You’ve grown so much, but to us, you’re still our sweet little munchkin! We wish you all the happiness in this world. We love you!

Our lovely son, you are the reason our family feels like home. You are the source of our pride and joy! We wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous birthday!

I will never forget the first time I held you in my arms, son. Every year, your birthday revives that memory.

In my prayers, the first thing I ask for is your happiness, darling. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday. You have grown so fast; I wish I could see you crawling into my arms again.

You may not need me from time to time anymore, but when you do, I’ll be there. Happy Birthday.

May your life be filled with joy and prosperity. We can’t wait to see many more amazing things you will bring to this world! Happy Birthday son!

You are the best gift from God that has come into our lives. You brought a bundle of happiness with you. You have always made us proud. Have a beautiful birthday son!

Neither from the top of the Himalayas nor from the realm of any king; but from the bottom of my heart, wish you a great birthday dear son. May you always be happy!

My precious child, the universe has been very kind in allowing us to have you in our lives. The comforting warmth of your little fingers still makes me nostalgic. Happy birthday to you, darling!

I sincerely wish you a great birthday with hundreds of flowers. May you always be the special one in the crowd. Happy Birthday son.

May you achieve all your dreams and wishes in this beautiful world and be a successful person! You are our pride. Happy birthday my son!

It is a new morning, a new beginning of your life. Have a special birthday this time and have a great life ahead of you! Happy birthday, big boy!

Another year has been added to his life and hopefully this will add another successful pastor to his crown. May you live longer with the love and respect of others!

I still remember the day you accidentally blurted out your first word, and our house has been filled with your giggles and smiles ever since! Happy Birthday my baby!

We may not have been the best parents, but you have always been the most wonderful son to us. Happy birthday to you and thank you for always being there for us!

You used to be a sporty, fun-loving kid, and now we’re so proud to see the wonderful kid.

My angel, Happy birthday to you! Mom is going to bake your favorite cake today! Hope you have a nice day with all of us. Many happy laps of the day!

Hey little cupcake! Time flies so fast and now it hurts me to think that you don’t fit in my arms anymore! I wish you a very happy birthday, son.

Thank you for being my son because you are the nicest boy I could ask for! Wishing all your dreams come true. Happy birthday to you, dear!

Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom

I feel a deep connection and enormous love for you, not because you are a son, but because you are a genuine, humble and respectable human being. I am proud to be called your mother. Wishing a happy birthday to the part of my heart!

There is a reason why a mother-son relationship is considered the most seductive and extraordinary because it encapsulates the purest form of love, affection and sacrifice. I am blessed and happy to be your mother. Happy birthday to my most charming and handsome son!

I was the happiest when I gave birth to such a cute cake and I am more than ecstatic when I celebrate the most special day of the youngest son and the most joyful. You are the star of our family and the soul in my body. May you always be an extravagant and happy soul. Have a merry birthday celebration, son!

A very exciting and joyous happy birthday to the happiness of my life. I never expected anything from you because I never want to tie you down in any way. However, you have always touched my soul with your beautiful gestures and actions. Proud of you and wish you a happy birthday with all the opulence in the world!

To a mother, nothing is more precious than the success, happiness, and well-being of her child. Therefore, on your super special day, I wish you an abundance of everything you deserve and desire in life. May the shadow of God never leave your side. Happy Birthday son!

Dear son, on your happy birthday, I want to give you some life-changing advice that a father mostly gives to his son. Always listen to your heart and instincts. They are never wrong and listening to them will take you to such heights in life that you may never have experienced before. Happy birthday to my lovely son!

Hey son, I have never judged you based on your accolades, success and the name you have built over the years. I consider my education successful only if you remain humble, grounded and benevolent. May you become the person I always want you to be. Wishing happy birthday to my cutest son!

I love that, unlike other misogynistic men, you consider women not only equal to men, but also an indispensable part of society. I thank the Lord for giving me a son of supreme conscience and great heart. I love you son and happy birthday to you!

I’ve seen you when you were a bit of a notorious kid and I’ve also seen you when you were busy chasing your dreams and eventually achieved them. Indeed, you are a special child in many ways. May all your wishes and aspirations come true. Happy birthday son and may God bless you in everything!

Happy birthday to the person I adore, support and care about the most in the world. Your single smile dispels all the darkness in my days and spreads all the love and joy. Have an amazing and unforgettable birthday celebration!

You are my heart my dear son. Without you you cannot live. You are my Everything. May you always be blessed! Happy birthday my cute son!

May you never fear challenges, my son! May you face them with courage! You are my brave son. Wishing happy birthday my son!

May you never be afraid of falling! May you never get tired of failing! Really life is like that. Wishing happy birthday my beautiful son!

You are energetic and honest. One of the best things about you is that you are true to yourself. May you ever be! Wishing happy birthday my son!

You are my Angel. May God always keep you protected and keep you in line with him! Happy birthday my dear son! Forward in life!

You’re everything to me. And for you I can do everything. May you never miss anything in life! Wishing happy birthday my good son!

You are the star of my world to whom the shine is always there. May you have all the blessings in the world! Happy birthday my beautiful son!

May you always survive my son in any condition! You are the son of a brave woman. Brave everything in your life. Happy birthday my good son!

May the darkness fear you! May evil tremble before you! Never fear anything in life my dear son. Happy birthday my cute son!

You are very good son. Having you as my son my destiny has been fulfilled. Always succeed my son. Happy Birthday!

Finally, mom’s handsome, handsome prince is going to celebrate his 10th birthday and I can’t control my excitement anymore. I am looking forward to giving you millions of hugs, kisses and making your birthday celebration a festive affair. Happy birthday to the cutest son of all!

Completing one more year means another year of experience, achievements, more good relationships and most important of all, my son is more dashing than ever. Happy birthday son of a concerned mother!

I thank God every moment for making me the mother of such a loving, kind and exquisite child. I wish that you grow wiser, stronger, magnificent and successful with each passing year. Happy birthday son and lots of hugs and kisses to you!

The surreal and divine bond we share cannot be expressed in words, it can only be felt. When a child is as smart and obedient as you are, the job of parenting becomes easier for a mother. Happy birthday to my little baby!

You are not only a beloved son to your parents, but also a great employer to your employees, a proud father of two young children, the apple of your grandparents’ eyes, and above all, a respectable and kind human being. On your happy birthday son, I wish all magnificent things to you.

You have no idea how blessed it was for me and your father to see you become the young man we’ve always dreamed of. May you celebrate your special day without restrictions. Happy birthday to my amazing son!

May you continue to grow, continue to fly, continue to love, continue to strive and always keep your faith in your lovely mother. I have never saved money because I invested everything in the most precious diamond of my life. Have a wonderful and sparkly birthday celebration, son!

Wherever you go, you bring a certain type of energy to the environment that draws everyone to you and makes you an enigma in their eyes. I hope that my wonderful son will always be the center of everyone’s attention. Happy birthday to my little baby!

A mother asks God for nothing more than the welfare, happiness and prosperity of her beloved son. May you touch the pinnacle of success and also lift up those in need with your power and talent. Wishing a happy birthday to my beautiful son!

For a mother, her child is her world and everything. Wishing happy birthday my world my son!

A mother is much braver even than God when something bad comes to her child. Wishing happy birthday my beautiful son!

A mother keeps her child for nine months in her womb. In nine months she knows everything about him. Happy birthday my dear child!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom

Dear son, may you get married very soon and give birth to a child exactly like you so that you can understand the pain of having a notorious and wild child. All jokes aside, have a great birthday celebration and have a lot of fun with your friends. Happy Birthday son!

Happy birthday to once one of the greatest blessings of my life. It seems like a once sweet blessing is slowly and steadily turning into a terrible curse. Jokes aside, let them shower you with all the joy in the universe.

May you enjoy every moment of your life until you are single. Because once you are married, sooner or later, you will have to erase the word happiness from your dictionary. Happy birthday to my dear son and have a happy day!

Thank you so much son for giving you the great honor of giving birth to your parents. We feel that we have created the most ingenious wonder in the world that will shape the future of humanity. Happy birthday to you, my little friend!

Hey son, you are so special and dear to us that we would have declared an international holiday all over the world if it was in our hands. Enough fun, go back to school and study hard. Happy birthday son and may God bless you!

Some children are loving, some are supportive, some are protective, but you are the combination of neither. May God bless you with enough intelligence so that you can do something meaningful with your life. You have all my support, blessings and son. I wish you a happy birthday son!

It is certainly true that miracles do not happen often. Hey son, we are a rare miracle that happened in your life so that you can enjoy all possible pleasures. If you don’t follow the right path, we can make sure that the miracle disappears too. Happy birthday to my successor!

Hey son, I know you’re old enough to make all the decisions for yourself, but not old enough to cover your expenses. So you better shut up and do what I tell you. Lots of love and birthday wishes for my piece of heart!

With each passing birthday, you are getting bigger and taller, but neither your grades are positive nor your attitude towards life. I guess the best birthday present for you would be to reduce your pocket money. I’m just kidding mate! Happy birthday, lanky man!

Most babies stop whining, crying, and being stubborn when they get older. However, the case with you is totally different. Yours have increased exponentially with age. I wish my adult baby a wonderful and happy birthday!

Hey son, you are approaching an age where you have to leave home and make a name for yourself by fighting day in and day out. I hope you know the meaning of the word fight. I love you son and have a splendid birthday!

You are the oldest and the wisest of all the brothers but you have not stopped playing with their toys and stealing their chocolates. For God’s sake, when would you really grow up? Happy birthday and have a memorable celebration!

I thank the Lord every moment for giving me a wonderful son like you, otherwise I would have forgotten the meanings of headache, horror and hell. God bless you and happy birthday son!

Of all the wonderful and priceless things in my life, I have recognized that you are certainly not one of them. I mean you could be a fantastic liability and you play that role quite well by wasting my money. Have a wonderful birthday celebration, my dear son!

I have literally banged my head all over the place to find a perfect and witty birthday present for you and I found the one. It’s me spending time with you all day. I mean there is nothing more valuable than time, not even a Rolex watch. Happy Birthday son! Be happy and stay blessed!

Having a child is like eating a hamburger with white mayonnaise that you don’t like. It slips a lot! Happy Birthday son! May you live up to what you want!

My dear, my dear, these are the past flattery for the sons they used long before. Today’s children feed on the Internet and stay in trends that fade as soon as possible. Happy Birthday son! How funny sarcastic! Have no hate in your heart!

These days kids find their match on Tinder which often comes off as Tinder which mostly fails! Wishing happy birthday son! Find your match wisely! I wish you find true love!

These days, having a child is not a blessing, while it is scary! Wishing happy birthday son! May you be a successful man and a sincere son!

May you have the love of your life dear son but not at the cost of mine! I wish you happy birthday, dear boy!

Never get angry son because you look like a fried tortilla! Wishing happy birthday lovely son!

We may not be the perfect parents, but we certainly have a perfect child. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

To a very precious and loved son on his birthday, from your loving parents.

Son, we love you today, tomorrow and always and we wish you all the love in the world on your birthday.

To a special son on his birthday, you are a light in our lives and we are so lucky to have you.

Son, you will always be my little boy, my sunshine and my angel, no matter how old you are. Have a beautiful birthday.

For a son who continues to provide us with happy memories every day, here are happy memories on this, your birthday.

God blessed me with a boy you like, may He bless your birthday with every wish come true.

Son, you are a treasure sent from above and you give us so much love. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

To a son who is my pride and joy, what an incredible man you have become. Have a wonderful birthday.

To my son who is so dear to my heart and so loved throughout my life. For a birthday full of all the love you deserve.

No matter how old you are, you can always go back to mom for love and protection. Happy Birthday son.

Son, may your life be full of fun and happiness, especially on your birthday.

Happy birthday son, the day you were born was the happiest day of my life and I am honored to celebrate it with you. Happy Birthday.

You will always have my love, my attention and my admiration, especially on your birthday. I wish you a very happy day.

Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom And Dad

I am overwhelmed with pride and joy at seeing this beautiful man you are becoming. Happy birthday my boy.

Happy Birthday. Greetings for the arrival of you, my motherhood, and all these incredible years! May you grow so wise and strong.

Happy birthday, dear son. Mom loves you very much. Have a nice and exciting day. You are the best son of all.

Happy birthday boy. I wish you a very happy and wonderful day. Enjoy your days until there are fewer responsibilities and more fun.

Son, happy birthday. I hope you have a successful year ahead. Dad loves you.

Happy Birthday son. You are my greatest treasure and I wish you a blessed life.

Hey my junior, proud to have you as my son. You mean the whole world to me. I wish you a colorful birthday and a brighter future.

No matter how busy I am, you are my first priority. May you shine brightly every day and be truly happy. Happy birthday little one!

Hello champion, on this day I want you to know that you are the most precious thing in my life. I wish you a happy birthday.

God was so happy with me that he gave me a son as adorable as you. Wishing a great birthday to the best son in the world. May you be blessed with good health and happiness forever.

Every time I see you I feel complete, happy and proud. You are the best part of my life. I wish you a very happy birthday from the bottom of my heart.

Wishing a great birthday to my beautiful son. You are my pride and happiness. Watching you grow is the most beautiful. Happy Birthday!

Hey buddy, thanks for being daddy’s best friend. May your life be full of smiles and sunshine. I wish you a happy birthday and many more to come!

Dear son, you have never failed to make me proud and happy. I hope this special day brings you the same happiness too. Happy Birthday to you! May the forces always be with you.

You are not only a year older now, but also better and wiser. Thank you for always thinking of us and making us happy. I wish you a very happy birthday, son!

I may not be the best man, but I certainly gave birth to the best son of all. Happy Birthday.

Parents see their own reflections in their children, but in you, I see a much better man. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday my dear son. You will always be the same little boy to me who loved to play with me. I am very proud to be your father. I love you son.

Happy birthday my dear son. I hope the smile on your face never fades. Have a wonderful day.

Dear son, we send you our most sincere wishes on your special day. I wish you a wonderful happy birthday! May you always be in everyone’s good wishes.

Happy Birthday son! We send you all our prayers and good wishes. May you always touch people’s hearts with warmth and kindness. Health!

As we celebrate another year today, we praise the Lord for blessing us with a wonderful son like you. Happy birthday to you, son! You are always in our hearts.

On this special day, we pray that you become not only a kind member of the family, but also a responsible citizen of the country. Congratulations on the day, son.

Our dear son, we are delighted to have you in our lives. May God continue to shower his blessings on you. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday son. May this special day bring peace, harmony and prosperity in your life and may God always keep your spirits high. Health!

Happy birthday to you, son! May each of our prayers reach your heart and make you a better person. We hope that you will be loved and respected wherever you go.

Every day on this earth is a precious gift, so we pray that you live your life righteously. Happy Birthday son. May God keep you in his blessings.

Dear son, you are a magical gift, a kind of chocolate cake. Happy birthday our cupcake!

You are great son. Did you know that? We are terrified by your sweetness. Have a wonderful day full of gifts and flowers!

You changed our lives in many ways. Before you, we were just a couple, but after you came, we became opponents of each other. Happy Birthday!

Have a great HBD, my son. You are a great combination of fun and mischief. Have a happy life!

Happy Birthday son. Where is my gift for putting up with you all these years?

Happy birthday my naughty junior! Don’t open all your presence alone, wait for it to come home, and then we will make a blast of your birthday!

God sent the master of mischief in our life on this day. I wish you a great birthday. May you continue to do all the naughty staff very sincerely!

Son, you are [insert age] now. We hope you can slowly start to watch horror movies alone and sleep well!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Son From Mom

Happy Birthday son! I want you to have fun.

For my best gift, my son. Happy Birthday.

A good son is better than gold, silver, diamond or even money. Happy birthday my world.

As you age, may you become wiser, stronger, and more handsome. Happy birthday to you son.

It’s nice to have money, but having a son like you is what it really means to be rich. Happy birthday my wealth.

I’m glad you’re getting old today and not me. Happy Birthday son.

May you continue to shine like the candles on your cake. Wishing you treasured moments today and always.

Happy Birthday son. You are my own flesh and blood and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Having a son is good, but having a son like you is the best. You are not only the best, you are better than the best. You are unique. Happy Birthday.

Do you know that people are excited to invest in bitcoin? I’m even more excited than that for you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday son. My love for you grows stronger than your gym socks.

To my greatest achievement, here’s to another year. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday son. My wish list for you is so long that it can never be short. I want you to be happy and have the best of everything.

Happy Birthday son. You give me strength and courage to face the world. I love you.

Son, you are the joy of my life. I would like nothing more than to see you happy, successful and doing what you love. So enjoy this day.

You are the one I promised to protect, love and care for always. Happy Birthday my Prince!

I know you don’t like hugs, but words are not enough to express how happy I am to celebrate another year with you. Happy Birthday.

This day reminds me that I gave birth to the love of my life. I hope you have a good day son.

Close your eyes and blow out the candles on your cake, every wish you have will come true, my son. I love you always and forever.

Happy Birthday son. I forgive you for stealing my heart, I’m glad you did. I can’t imagine life any other way.

I will do everything in my power to make you happy today and always. Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday to the boy of my life. May you have a long happy, healthy and rich life.

Happy Birthday sweetie. I am grateful for the honor of calling you my son and nothing will change that.

Take your time enjoying yourself today because you only have twenty-four hours before it’s all over. Have a nice day.

I thank God every day that I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy and intelligent son. Stay smart and strong. Happy Birthday!

The memories I have shared with you so far are forever etched in my mind. I hope to do more. You are a son that any father would be proud of. Enjoy this

Happy birthday to the special boy whom my heart held dear! I wish you pure and eternal happiness.

It’s your birthday! My son, I wish you another year of great luck, health and wealth. Keep happy!

The love between my son and I is priceless and no one can reduce it. Happy birthday, my sweet boy.

Happy birthday to my beautiful son, just live your life your way because I am happy in all your wishes.

You’re getting old little man. I will always be here when you need me, even when you don’t. So enjoy your birthday.

You are my greatest achievement son. Thank you for making me a proud father. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday son. If I ever have another, I hope it turns out like you.

Glad to see I’m not the only one getting old. Happy Birthday son.

Who knew that one day I would have a best friend who looked like me. Happy Birthday son.

You are better than I will ever be, son, because you have your mother’s kindness and my strength. I hope all your birthday wishes come true.

Someday I hope you’ll be a better man than me. Happy birthday, I love you always and forever, my son.

I’m so glad you have my looks; life is so much easier when you look good. Happy birthday my beautiful son.

Happy birthday to the boy who stole my heart at first sight and whose smile is as sweet as cake.

Happy Birthday son. You are like your father in more ways than you can imagine. It makes me feel very warm in my heart.

Be what you want to be but be the best at it, you are my son and I expect nothing but the best. Hearty birthday, your dad cares.

Having a child will always be a source of joy for a parent; having you makes me happy because you share some of my characteristics. I hope you celebrate many more years ahead.

Happy birthday to you son. May rivers of opportunities to excel in life open up for you and may you be a source of blessing to others. Enjoy your special day.

It’s great to remember the day you were born, I wasn’t home and your mom did it all by herself. Thank you for coming safely. To a good time.

You are such a bright boy. I hope that one day you will make me proud with all your achievements. Have a beautiful day.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son

“Happy birthday son! We have watched you grow into an amazing man. May the coming year continue to exceed your expectations!”

“Endless love, undivided attention, eternal pampering, eternal affection and endless care. These are the things we can do for you, our dear son. Be happy and have a happy birthday!”

“You are a wonderful person and you deserve a wonderful life. We are always there for you, my son. I wish you a happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday to the greatest gift and the greatest joy of our life! There is no limit to how much we love you!”

“Wishing a very happy birthday to our amazing son. We wish that all of his hopes and dreams come true!”

“There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than watching you grow up to be such an amazing person. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

“We are very lucky to have a great son like you. Happy Birthday kid!”.

“Congratulations on your special day, dear! You are a wonderful person, we cherish all the special moments we shared.”

“If your birthday is only half as wonderful as you are, it will be the biggest celebration of the year. No one deserves it more than you. May your special day be filled with tons of cake and gifts.”

“Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve such a wonderful son like you. But most of the time, I just thank God who blessed my life and gave it meaning by giving me you. Happy birthday, my dear son.”

“Happy birthday to the best son of all! You are totally radical, and you know it! Go celebrate. Have fun and remember that we love you very much!”

“Son… we may not say it often, but today is a perfect day to let you know what a precious gift you are to us! Happy Birthday son.”

“Son, you are our greatest blessing. May your birthday and all your mornings be blessed with all the good things in life!”

“Thank you, son, for giving us the opportunity to become the best parents we could ever be. Have a great birthday and a wonderful year ahead!”

“We are very lucky to have a fantastic son like you. You have always been a beacon of light for us. Happy Birthday son!”

“We always believe that miracles happen to one in a billion. But we never thought we would be among the lucky ones until we had you, our beloved son. Wonderful birthday!”

“We have always been proud of you. Now more than ever, our hearts are full of pride because you have become an extraordinary person, so full of love, care and joy. Happy birthday, dear, dear boy!”

“Regardless of whether you are a young teenager or an old man, you will always be our little bundle of joy. Happy Birthday son.”

“Echoes of yesterday bring back sweet memories of you. Tomorrow holds the promise of sweeter times. May today, your birthday, be sweetened by the joy and wonder that you bring to everyone.”

“Dear son, you are the only reason we look forward to life with a smile, and you will be the only reason we look back on life with a smile. Happy Birthday.”

“Do you need help? We will be there. celebrating? We will be there. I just want to talk? Count on us to be there. It’s not because we have a lot of time, we have a lot for you. Happy Birthday son.”

“You are loved for the smart kid you are, the lovely person you will become, and the wonderful son you will always be! Enjoy your Big Day!”

“Happy birthday to a handsome, smart, charming and truly wonderful son. Have a great day, dear boy!”

“Our little boy, you always will be. A piece of our hearts, you will always be. The apple of our eyes, you will always be. The purpose of our life, you always will be. Happy birthday, son.

“Son, no matter how old you are, you will always be my little prince. I hope you have a really wonderful birthday.”

“When times are tough, all it takes is your thoughts to pull me through. Your hugs and kisses nourish my soul and I am so grateful to have such a precious son like you. Happy Birthday sweetie!”

“Dear son, I wish many such happy and beautiful occasions to follow this birthday. My love and best wishes will always be with you! I wish you a happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday son. My birthday wish for you is that each year brings you: more wisdom; more dreams; more laughter; and more wishes.”

“Dear son, you have been the most beautiful gift from God. I have cherished all the precious moments watching you grow up, and the fond memories will remain close to my heart forever! I love you son. Happy Birthday!”

“My dear son, I want you to know that you have always been the Sun in my life. You have been the bright daylight of my life that shone through every day of my life since you were born. I wish you a happy birthday!”

“Words just aren’t enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. I love you. You complete my life. Happy Birthday son.”

“You will always be my sunshine, my little angel. I love you very much! Happy Birthday son!”

“Happy birthday. You are smart, funny, thoughtful and best of all, a great son! I wish you a great day full of presents and great desserts.”

“You are the reason I get out of bed every day of my life. Your existence has given my life meaning and purpose. I love you son. Happy Birthday!”

Happy Birthday My Son Wishes

If I look at everything in my life, you are easily the best part of it. Through thick and thin, you have been an extraordinary son and a wonderful man. Happy Birthday son!

Words just aren’t enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. I love you. You complete my life. Happy Birthday son!

Dear son, when you feel that life is giving you a hard time, just come to me and I will give you a hug. No matter how old you are, to me, you will always be my little son.

Dear son, you are the only reason we look forward to life with a smile and you will be the only reason we look back on life with a smile. Happy birthday my son.

Our whole world can be summed up in just 3 letters: SON. Happy Birthday.

Dear beloved son, you are one in a billion and you believe this throughout your life. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday I wish I could stop time. Not only to have you with me forever, but so I can stop feeling so old! Happy birthday to my son who at least makes me feel young at heart.

When you were born, I couldn’t even imagine how you came to mean to me. May your special day be filled with incalculable splendor. Happy Birthday!

Regardless of the situation that life brings, you will always find us by your side. Happy Birthday!

As you blow out the candle on your cake, just remember that your love is like the candle that will always shine in our hearts. Happy Birthday son.

Dear son, you are the reason we long for life. You are also the reason why there is always a smile on our face. We love you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday son. You are a lovely person and we are definitely proud and lucky to have you in our life.

We are very lucky to have a fantastic son like you. You have always been a beacon of light for us. Happy Birthday son!

Dear son, I wish this birthday to be followed by many happy and beautiful occasions. My love and best wishes will always be with you! I wish you a happy birthday!

Since the day you were born, you have brought nothing but meaning and joy into my life. You are a fantastic son and I feel very lucky to be our father. Happy Birthday!

There are so many ways to wish yourself a happy birthday, but it all comes down to this. I love you with all of my heart. Happy birthday, from your mother.

Many times I was alarmed when you were away from me. A mother’s job is full of worries. But above all my job is to love you until the end of time! Happy birthday, my beloved!

I have such sweet memories of you as a child, but I have faith that your future will hold even sweeter memories for you. I hope your cake is half as sweet as you. Happy Birthday son.

You are a miracle that happened to us, a miracle that is 1 in a billion. I wish you a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday my boy! Have fun today, you are the person of honor!

Our beloved son, thank you for bringing a smile to our faces every day. We hope your birthday brings a smile to yours too! The best birthday!

Happy Birthday son. Stay happy, healthy and blessed on your special day…and every day of the year.

Happy birthday dear son, on this day I want to assure you that I will fill you with infinite love and affection throughout my life.

Thank you for allowing us to be the best parents we can be, just by being yourselves: a wonderful, wonderful child.

Loving you is our greatest joy. you make it so easy. Happy Birthday dear!!

Happy Birthday son! We have watched you grow into an amazing man. May the coming year continue to exceed your expectations.

I wish you a very happy birthday my beloved son, the greatest gift that God has given me is in your form, I love you son!

Blow out the candles and make a wish. Today, you are one step closer to becoming a knight son.

Every time you get old, so do I; You will always be the best part of each day. Thank you my son, I will always be proud to be your mother.

Happy birthday to my baby!! I love you!

The day you were born was a day to celebrate! We love you!

Wherever life takes you, whatever goals you pursue, I will always be so proud of you! Have a wonderful birthday!

Best birthday wishes to the smartest and most handsome boy! We wish you all the best on your special day and every day!

I can’t believe a year has gone by so fast, my son. You continue to grow, learn and be amazed. I look forward to another happy year with you in our lives. Happy Birthday.

I thank God every day for the wonderful blessing he has bestowed on your mother and me. Happy Birthday !!

Since you were born, there hasn’t been a single day that I haven’t smiled, You are the reason for that smile, Happy birthday son!

Life is a highway. Assemble it in the way that seems best to you and you will be happy. Good luck in your celebration!

I wish you wealth, good health, joy and happiness in your day of days. Have a wonderful happy birthday son.

We are very lucky to have a great son like you. Happy birthday, dear son!

Our Son is part of us, we never could. Our Son loves us so much that he never should. On his birthday, I pray for his health and blessing!

The day you came into our lives was like a miracle: that’s what you really are now for us. We are proud to have a son like you! Happy birthday from your mom and dad!

It is an exciting experience to see our cute little boy grow up to be a wonderful person.

From cries of joy to cries of sadness, may your special day bring you a better tomorrow. Happy birthday my son!

Having a great son like you is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to us. I will always be proud of you, happy birthday my dear son!

There is a reason to rejoice today, son, because it is your birthday. Stay blessed and get what you really want. May you never look back and only reach higher. Happy Birthday son!

Have a wonderful time and happy moments on your special day! I wish you a happy birthday!

We’re old school, so we’ll hug you on your birthday instead of hitting the Like button on your Facebook and sing Happy Birthday to you instead of tagging you in tweets on Twitter. Happy Birthday son.

Thank you for being right in my expectations,
thank you for respecting us
you are truly a better son.
Happy Birthday son.

I hope you never forget that with me you have everything you could wish for my son, as your mother I always love you. I wish you have a happy birthday.

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