Rainbow Butterfly Knife: Ultimate Guide

Are you fascinated by rainbow butterfly knife, but not sure how to buy one? They look so pretty and harmless, but there is more to these knives than meets the eye.

If you are thinking of buying a rainbow butterfly knife, you are probably aware that they are illegal in most places. Luckily, there are ways around this restriction. With the right information, it is possible to purchase and own a butterfly knife legally and safely.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know before purchasing your very own rainbow butterfly knife. From legal considerations to maintenance advice, we have you covered with this useful insider information on these unique knives.

What is a Rainbow Butterfly Knife?

Rainbow butterfly knife are multi-colored knifes that are usually used in a performance setting, such as in the circus. They are made with a fixed blade, usually between two and a half and four inches long. Rainbow knives are distinguished from traditional butterfly knives in a few ways.

For one thing, they are designed to be showy, colorful, and flashy. Traditional knifes, on the other hand, are designed for functionality, not for aesthetics.

Rainbow butterfly knifes also have a free-spinning blade, which allows the user to flip it around and twirl it between their fingers. Traditional knifes are fixed-blade knifes, which means the blade is attached to the handle and cannot spin around.

Rainbow butterfly knifes are also different from traditional knifes in the way they are constructed. Rainbow Butterfly Knifes have two handles with two pieces of metal between them to form the “wings” or “blades” of the knife. Traditional knifes on the other hand, only have one handle, with all three wings or blades attached to it.

Different Types of Rainbow Butterfly Knifes

The only difference between the different types of rainbow butterfly knifes is the handle. The types of handles you can choose from include wood, plastic, and metal.

Wooden knives are definitely the most traditional and basic type of rainbow butterfly knifes. They are usually brown or dark wood like walnut, mahogany, or ebony.

The next most common type of rainbow butterfly knife is the plastic knife. There are many variations of plastic knives, but the most common are red and black.

Finally, you can also buy metal rainbow knives. The most common type of metal knife is silver. Metal knifes are the most popular type of rainbow butterfly knife available.

Anatomy of a Rainbow Butterfly Knife

The anatomy of a Rainbow Butterfly Knife is pretty simple

  • It has a handle with three blades attached to it.
  • Each blade has two sides to it, making it like two knives in one.
  • These knives are typically made from stainless steel and are put together with a screw. The handle is where the user holds the knife, and it is usually made of wood, plastic, or metal.
  • Some rainbow butterfly knifes have a single piece of wood, plastic, or metal that goes all the way through the handle and blades. These knives are known as “full tang” knifes.
  • Other rainbow butterfly knifes have a handle that has a metal piece on one side and a wood or plastic piece on the other. These knives are called “half tang” knifes.

Know the Legalities of Owning a Rainbow Butterfly Knife

Before you purchase your first butterfly knife, you need to know what the laws are in your state. Rainbow butterfly knifes are illegal in many places. However, there are ways around this restriction. If you want to own a rainbow butterfly knife but it is illegal in your state, you can purchase a practice knife that looks like a rainbow butterfly knife.

Practice knives have a dull blade and a fixed handle. Another option is to buy a traditional butterfly knife that has been modified with a dull blade. If you already own a butterfly knife, you can have the blade professionally sharpened to make it dull.

Avoid sharpening it yourself because it can be challenging to get the blade perfectly dull. To make sure you are on the right side of the law when owning a butterfly knife, be sure to check the laws in your state.

Why Rainbow Butterfly Knifes Are Illegal?

Rainbow butterfly knifes are illegal in many places because they are often confused with another type of knife called a switchblade. Rainbow butterfly knifes are usually folded and stored in a sheath, while switchblades are opened with a spring, a button, or some other mechanism.

These two types of knives are different in many ways, but one of the main ways they differ is the method of operation. Traditional knifes have to be manually unfolded, while switchblades have an automatic mechanism that opens them. This automatic mechanism is what makes switchblades illegal in most places.

In the U.S., switchblades are considered weapons, and therefore, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. The law that prohibits switchblades also prohibits other types of knives, including rainbow butterfly knifes.

Where to Find a Rainbow Butterfly Knife?

If you are looking for a rainbow butterfly knife, you will want to check out martial arts supply stores or online specialty shops. Rainbow butterfly knifes are not as common as traditional butterfly knifes, so you will have to do a little research before you can purchase one.

You can also try contacting the manufacturer of rainbow butterfly knife to see if they make a rainbow version. This is a good option if you already own a traditional butterfly knife and want to buy a rainbow version to match. If you are in the market for a traditional knife, you can find them at most sporting goods stores.

How to Buy a Rainbow Butterfly Knife?

Make sure to do your research and look for reviews from other customers before purchasing a knife. You can buy a legal version of a rainbow butterfly knife online or at a local store that sells martial arts equipment.

If you are buying online, make sure the website is legitimate and has a good reputation. Always use a credit card when purchasing so that you can dispute the charges if something goes wrong.

If you plan to buy a rainbow butterfly knife from a physical store, make sure you can legally own a butterfly knife in your state before you go.

Wrapping Up

Rainbow Butterfly Knifes are not only beautiful they are a fun way to express yourself. Rainbow Butterfly Knifes are powerful tools that can be used for more than just a decorative purpose. They can be used for self-defense, as a hobby, or to catch the attention of others.

Whether you are buying one as a gift or looking to add one to your collection, this article has everything you need to know about rainbow butterfly knife. So why wait any longer? Get out to find the rainbow butterfly knife that is perfect for you!

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