Ramo Buchon: A Modern And Classic Bouquet

Ramo buchon is a popular handmade bouquet that uses natural elements like branches, flowers, leaves, and grasses to create a unique decoration for homes and events. The term ramo buchon comes from the Spanish word “ramo” which means “branch”, and the English word “buchon” which means “a small bouquet.”

Ramo buchon can be made in many different shapes and sizes depending on the size of the branches available at that particular time. This allows for customization by giving each arrangement its personality. Like many other smaller or secondary floral designs, the modern ramo buchon bouquet is a brilliant reimagining of something old and familiar.

Let’s learn more about it.

Understanding the Modern Ramo Buchon

The ramo buchon bouquet is a modern take on the traditional Filipino ramo design. It is made from the same materials as a classic ramo, but it differs in its use of an unusual support structure and in its incorporation of unexpected materials.

Ramo buchon bouquets are typically constructed from fresh or dried plumeria, red roses, orangy-pink ribbon, and delicate white lace. The fresh or dried flowers are arranged asymmetrically in one “bunch” or “ramo” at the bottom of the bouquet with either ribbon or lace wrapped around them.

Then there are two more bunches stacked on top with ribbon passing between them to form a “buchon” (to tie together). Unlike traditional arrangements, where everything is neatly tucked together in symmetrical layers that look like they came out of a flower book, the ramo buchon is not concerned with precision.

Why Is It Called a Ramo Buchon?

The word “ramo” is a traditional Filipino design a bouquet of flowers in a conveniently shaped basket. Larger than a nosegay, smaller than a corsage, and made to be held with one hand, the ramo has been around for centuries.

The word “bouquet” comes from the French word that means “to pick or gather”. The word “buchon” is similar in its definition it means something like “the gathering of flowers and greenery used on special occasions”.

So, the “ramo buchon bouquet” refers quite literally to a bouquet of flowers gathered together at an occasion like a wedding or other celebration.

How to Make a Ramo Buchon Bouquet

If you want to try your hand at creating a ramo buchon bouquet, there are a few steps you need to follow.

1. First, cut the long ribbons into four lengths each. You will need 20 in total.

2. Take one length and fold it over the center of the vase or cylindrical object, tying it loosely with one of the loose ends.

3. Take another length and tie it as before, but this time across an opposite end with one loose end on either side.

4. Repeat step three until all six lengths have been used up and both sides are tight against each other with no loose ends remaining.

5. Take a piece of ribbon approximately 4-6 inches long and attach it vertically in the back between the two sets of horizontal ribbons. Tie off with a double knot so that it hangs from the center of the bouquet like a tail or handle.

6. Untie all knots on either side to remove any extra ribbons if necessary and enjoy your ramo buchon bouquet.

What Materials are Used to Make a Ramo Buchon Bouquet?

The materials used to make a ramo buchon bouquet vary depending on the preferences of the designer and the venue for which it is designed. A traditional ramo buchon bouquet will typically include:

  • Fresh or artificial flowers
  • Foliage, such as other greens and sprigs of baby’s breath
  • A woven vine, such as raffia
  • A long handle to hold everything together

Why People Use Ramo Buchon in Weddings

Ramo Buchon bouquet is large in scale but manages to stay light, thanks to its use of lightweight materials like cedar and jute. It also comes with a special stand that can hold all of the flowers upright, making it easy to transport without having to worry about anything getting crushed or broken. And because this bouquet is so large, it can carry other elements besides just flowers, like ribbon or lace. That’s why ramo buchon bouquet will always be an excellent choice.

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