Scott Living Mattress Reviews: Mattresses to Help You Sleep Soundly

Do you wake up feeling tired? It could be your mattress. A bad mattress can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, leaving you lethargic and irritable throughout the day. But don’t worry; we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Now you can say goodbye to sleepless nights with a Scott Living mattress. The Scott Living Mattress is the perfect choice for a good night’s sleep. With its luxurious design and plush feel, this mattress is sure to give you the rest you need.

About Scott living mattress:

The Scott Living Mattress is a great choice for those who are looking for a quality, affordable mattress. The Scott Living Mattress is designed with a number of features that make it a great choice for any shopper. First and foremost, the mattress is made with a high-density foam core that provides excellent support, and it also features a quilted top that adds an extra layer of softness.It’s the perfect balance of soft and firm so that you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

How does it work?

The Scott Living Mattress by Restonic uses exclusive Hybrid innerspring, Q5 Twin Support, has five zones for ideal spinal support, and a coil edge for durability, and contouring for lifestyle bases. A restorative sleep surface that supports you where you need it most, Scott Living Mattress’s exclusive technology offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. The unique combination of individually wrapped coils and gel-infused memory foam provides an unprecedented level of support and comfort, so you can sleep soundly through the night.

Key Features:

1.            Designed to work with any type of adjustable base

2.            Made with a layer of memory foam for support and comfort

3.            Layer of high-density foam for support and durability

4.            Covered in a knit fabric that is soft to the touch

5.            Ventilated Foam Core

6.            Individually Wrapped Coils

7.            Gel Memory Foam

8.            Stretch-Knit Fabric Cover

9.            Compatible with adjustable bases

Pocketed coil support system


There are many pros to the Scott Living Mattress which makes it unique from other Mattress available in market.

Encapsulated Memory Foam Layer

The encapsulated memory foam layer is the most important part of a mattress and it provides support for your body in any position you sleep in. It also has a breathable membrane which absorbs excess moisture so that the mattress does not feel damp at night

More Comfortable Mattress to Sleep On

This mattress offers a more comfortable sleep than other mattresses available in the market as it prevents tossing and turning while sleeping, which most people find quite relaxing after a long day’s work or at night before they go to bed for some restful sleep.

Hypoallergenic Design

This type of design means that there are no allergens or toxins contained within Mattresses made by Scott Living; this makes them safe to use while pregnant or with pets.

Aesthetic Appeal

 The sleek, modern mattress with its sloped headboard and timeless detailing will make a style statement in any bedroom.

Dust Mites Free Mattress

It has a material which absorbs the dust mites, bacteria and allergenic particles from your body while you sleep, so it’s totally free from dust or allergens inside out when you wake up in morning

Durable Construction:

This product is made of wood, metal and foam which ensures that it can withstand the test of time while giving you the perfect night sleep every day for years to come

Non-Toxic Materials Used:

The mattress is made using natural, non-toxic materials and will not emit any type of toxic gas while in use.

Less tossing and turning

An individual can get side sleepers a more comfortable night’s sleep, as there is less interruption from rolling over or shifting positions.

Memory Foam Cooling Protection Layer

With this cooler layer over-top your memory foam bed will help regulate temperature throughout

Comfort Level Guarantee

We want you to be Comfortable! Our low-profile foundation has thicker moving parts compared to traditional foundations which makes it more comfortable when sitting on or sliding off from your bed

2″ AlumiLast Memory Foam

 If you’re looking for excellent pressure relief and pain relief then this will offer it at an affordable price point which makes it ideal for side sleepers as well as people with aches, pains or chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Sweats a lot:

 The AlumiLast Memory Foam is known to sweat a lot which may not be suitable for those who suffer from persistent sweating.

Expensive price

 1/2″ Gel Foam also needs periodic replacement costing more than the other types of foam and hence, it has an expensive price tag as well when compared to the other two types of foam mentioned above

Max weight capacity is low

The Maximum Weight Capacity in pounds that can be borne by 2″ AlumiLast Memory Foam Foundation ranges between 250-350 lbs only.

Difficult to Clean Mattress Cover

It is very difficult for a buyer to clean the mattress cover when it gets dirty, which can make them leave their mattresses more often than necessary until it becomes spoiled or soiled altogether.

Short Warranty Period

Most mattresses offer 10-20 years warranty period and Scott Living offers only 5 years warranty period on their products, so it may not be the best option for those who plan to use their mattresses for long term purposes.


Product’s Name: Scott Living Mattress

Price: $1,499

Brand: Scott Living

Available at:

Delivery Days: Delivers in 10-15 days.

Shipping Costs: Free

Charge for Return: Free returns

Warranties: Provides a limited 10-year warranty

Refund Policy: The purchasers can request a refund within 100 days.

Scott Living Mattress Reviews: Many reviews are available on the Restonic website as well as on other online review websites. Some have posted with 4.7/5 rating.

Technology: Provides cooling sleep surface.

Transactions: All transactions are encrypted and secure.

Sizes: There are a variety of sizes available, such as Twin, King, and Cal King along with Twin XL.

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