Secret to Creating Instagram Posts That Will Get More Likes

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram following, your posts are a key component. They’re the face of your brand, and your customers interact with you on Instagram to get more information about your business. They want to learn about your products and services, your team, and the experiences you provide.

But how do you create content that people will want to engage with? What makes a post worthy of their time, attention, and feedback? What makes a post worth re-sharing with friends

You can’t always tell what will take off with your audience. You know your products and services, but you’re not an expert on everything. What you can do is test your posts, use your experience and expertise to create content that’s effective, and refine your process over time. That’s why this guide focuses on helping you get your posts right the first time!

Create a great headline

The first step is to craft a great headline for your post. You want to make sure that any posts you publish are unique and compelling enough to get people to click. Think about what makes your business different from the competition and incorporate that into your headline.

If you’re including an image in the post, make it eye-catching so people can’t resist scrolling through and reading the article. Use an image of your team, an experience you offer, or a product you sell.

Once you have a compelling headline, write a concise description of what your post is about. This way, anyone who spots it on their feed will know why they should click on it.

Now comes the hard part: figuring out what to say! Write out three paragraphs at a minimum with relevant information about your business and choose which one best complements your content. If possible, create more than one paragraph so people can learn more about your products and services without feeling overwhelmed by too much text. Then use helpful hashtags that relate to what you’re posting about (so others can find them) and add links where appropriate (such as in descriptions).

Finally, add some friendly greetings at the top of your post so people know this isn’t just another company profile or advertisement; it’s coming from someone who appreciates their time!

Once you complete each of these steps, it’s time to publish! Remember to share each new post on Facebook with a caption

Use an editorial calendar

One way to get your posts right the first time is by using an editorial calendar.

An editorial calendar is a scheduling tool that helps you create an organized, cohesive content plan for your social media pages. It lays out what you’ll post to each platform and when, so you can optimize for the most exposure. It also prevents you from posting too often on one channel or neglecting another, which can burn out your audience and reduce engagement.

An editorial calendar lets you analyze performance data, so it’s easier to see what type of content your followers respond to most. You can then post more of what works and less of what doesn’t. This ensures that followers receive higher quality content and stay engaged with your brand in the long-term.

Write a good first sentence

So, what makes a post worthy of engagement? Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make your posts more valuable to your audience.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your content aligns with the objective of your Instagram account. This is especially true if you only have one account. If you want to sell products on your account, for example, you might not want to post tons of photos from an event. You’ll want to focus more on product shots or images that show people using or interacting with your products.

It’s also important that the content is engaging and visually appealing. As we mentioned before, people are much more likely to interact with a post that has pictures in it than text only. Make sure that the pictures in the post are high-quality and offer a unique perspective or unique way of capturing something so that it doesn’t look like someone else has just posted the same thing as you.

Another tip is to include captions with relevant hashtags so that other people who aren’t following you can see what’s happening in your world without having to follow. A good caption will entice them enough to click through at least once!

Don’t forget about posting quality videos! Videos get 94 percent more views than photos and they get shared 1,200 percent more often too. Plus, they allow viewers to share directly from the video – which means they’re much less likely to

 Write great copy

The copy you use on Instagram can be the difference between getting a ton of engagement and barely any. That’s because people are more likely to engage with your post if they feel that it’s relevant and well-written. The same goes for your bio: Use your brand voice to speak to your audience. There are lots of ways to make sure your copy is engaging,

including using simple language, descriptive words, and interesting facts about your business.

Stay away from stock photos

The first thing to avoid is stock photos. Think about it: if you post a photo of someone smiling, that person could be a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. It’s impossible to know the context of their smile – are they happy because they just got promoted? Or did they just find out their spouse was cheating on them?

Or take a look at this tweet:

Make it an interesting read

The first thing to do is make your post interesting. When you can grab your followers’ attention with a good title, you have a higher chance of them reading the rest of the post. Not only does this get them engaged with your content, but it also gives your posts more visibility on Instagram by adding more “likes” and comments.

One way to catch their attention is to use hashtags. Hashtags not only help you reach new people outside of your following, but they also show up in search results on Instagram when people are looking for new accounts to follow.

Another way to make a post interesting and compelling is to include an introduction or captions that give context to the image. If you’re going for an aesthetic result, less text is better! But if your goal is engagement or sales, then you need more information because customers want to know what they’re getting into before they click on the link in your bio that takes them off Instagram. For example, if a customer sees a picture of a woman wearing sunglasses and thinks it’s just another photo from vacation, then she might miss out on a sale for shades just like hers. That’s why it’s important for brands to provide information about their products and services in their captions so nobody misses out!

Step #1: Create a great post in the first place

The first step in creating an Instagram post that people will want to engage with is to create a great post.

A great post is memorable, informative, and you can tell that it was created with care. It goes beyond quality photography or design. A photo of your product on a white background doesn’t make for a compelling post. But what about one where you’re showing your product in use? You might need to brainstorm ideas for posts that will be effective for the type of business you have and the audience you’ll be targeting.

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