SOLE Fitness E95 indoor Elliptical: Best Option For Cardio Workout

SOLE fitness E95 elliptical is the ideal as well as versatile trainer not only for gyms its best for the people who want to continue his/her cardio workout at home. This is very impressively designed elliptical trainer which provides smooth motion with the help of 30lb flywheels and high gearing ratio.

It also includes oversized foot pedals with foam cushioning which allow you to feel more comfortable during your workouts. These foot pedals are designed with 2-degree inward slope to each pedal. This feature helps to reduce ankle and knee stress which is commonly found in other elliptical machines.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth Audio Speakers which allow you to enjoy your workout with your favorite music.
  • Integrated Table Holder gives you the freedom to follow your workout schedule/routine as well as to use your smart devices to watch shows.
  • USB Port facilitates you that you can charge your smart devices during your hectic workouts.
  • Worm Drives the customization feature which is based on E95’s adjustable pedals which allows you to dial in exactly where you want the pedal to be angled. This feature also reduces numb toe effects as well as sore Achilles tendons.
  • Power Incline feature offers additional resistance and variable positions which allowsyou to target major lower body muscle groups while the articulating handles provide upper body exercise for a total body workout.
  • Pulse Sensor is the built-in function which monitor your heart rate during your workout.
  • A heart rate Chest Strap is also included for hands-free pulse monitoring and heart rate interactive programs.
  • Multi-grip position handlebars enable you to find the most comfortable and ergonomic positions to grasp the handles.
  • Built-in Cooling Fankeeps you fresh and energetic during your intensive workouts.
  • Storage Holder allows you to keep your water bottle as well as other personal items.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Sole Fitness E95 Indoor Elliptical?

  • Low-impact cardio
  • Joint-friendly
  • Customizable workouts
  • Tracks progress
  • Recovery mode


Brand: Sole

Type: Non-Folding

Weight: 113 kg / 249 lbs

Stride Length: 508 mm / 20″

Program: Manual, 5 program, 2 users, 2 HRC

Console Display: 10.1″ Graphic Display

Product Dimension: 2100 x 815 x 1790 mm / 83″ x 32″ x 70″

Incline Levels: 20

Resistance Levels: 20

Resistance Type: ECB

Max User Weight: 150 kg / 330 lb

Integrated Fan: Yes

Flywheel Weight: 12 kg / 26lb

Heart Rate Hand Pulse: Yes

Heart Rate Chest Belt: Yes

Extra Info: Sole APP 10 level adjustable Foot Pedals for maximum comfort

Warranty:  Home use: 5 years Parts and 3 years Labor


  • It’s safe, supportive and jolt-free trainer because it has solid frame and base as well.
  • Higher user weight capacity which is suitable for almost everyone.
  • Heart rate control.
  • Touch pulse sensors on stationary handles.
  • Incline and resistance controls are implemented electronically.
  • Apple & MP3 compatibility provides access to audio entertainment during workouts.
  • Heart rate strap is included with your purchase, so you don’t have need to pay or order extra for this purpose.
  • The SOLE E95 has wide range of functions as well as features that will enhance your workouts and results.
  • You can easily relocate it with the help of its transport wheels.
  • Competitive warranty and impressive customer service.


  • The SOLE fitness E95 elliptical is quite heavy machine
  • Not ideal for people with short strides.
  • Need space in a good amount because it does not fold.
  • Can not download new workouts.
  • While adequate, the speakers are not powerful as much as it should be.

Summary: Sole Fitness E95 Indoor Elliptical Compare To Other Elliptical On The Market

There are a lot of different elliptical on the market, so it can be tough to know which one is right for you. The SOLE Fitness E95 indoor Elliptical is a great option for many people.

It has a smooth and quiet ride, a large range of motion, and a variety of workout programs to keep you challenged.

It also has a built-in heart rate monitor and a water bottle holder, which are both nice features. The SOLE Fitness E95 indoor Elliptical is a great choice for many people.

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